3 ways to improve on League of Legends

All games are built in such a way that they know how to fascinate their players as much as possible (literally: hold on). That is also the great appeal of a game, and certainly if you have already invested a lot in it, it will be difficult to let go. In other words: all good games have a large suction effect, apart from the fact that screens themselves do that too. So problems can arise due to too much gaming. That is – as said – in the games and in the screen itself, but also in the adolescent brain.

League of Legends is not an easy game to play when you are used to other kinds of games because it contains a very large number of things to know.

There are more than hundred of champions, each champions got 4 abilities and different cooldown reduction on their spells and hundreds of items which need to be done in different situations.

Moreover, the players have to learn how the objectives work and what is the best way to move on the map to take as much towers as possible.

This is a short summary, but the list would be too long, so let’s see simple steps to follow if you want to advance.

Find a coach

On multiple coaching platform on the internet, you can look for an expert who can adapt his lessons to your level. If you can find a good player who play the same role than you, then it could actually help you.
After 5 or 10 hours of coaching you might have learned some tips that could improve the way you play, but sometimes it doesn’t work because the coach didn’t explain what you expected from him.

Watch streams and search guides

High elo players are regularly streaming so you can try to look at what they do to influence the game, then when you notice tactics you didn’t know, you can try to do the same in your games.
You can discover builds you never think about before and tons of guides to practice on a particular theme.

Boost your account

A faster way to acquire an high division is to contact eloboostlords, who are experts so they will have a solution and take charge of your account.

Elo boost is obviously very convenient when you don’t want to be opposed to better players than you.

Take one for the team

League is a team game where collaboration is perhaps even more important than individual skills. This can be both a curse and a win, but if you want to win you must be aware of it at all times. If at the pick & bans of champions it appears that you have to play a role that you do not prefer, it is better to accept this than to scold your teammates. Often enough you see carries forced to play support grumbling leaving their carry for the jungle or the top lane because they are kicked on their toes. Not very surprising that such situations rarely end in a win. So try to get over your own preferences and see what the team needs.

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