The Value Of TV Advertising In 2015

With all the emphasis on digital marketing these days, many businesses are wondering if TV advertising is still worth investing in. After all, there are many naysayers making proclamations that the TV will soon go out of fashion while people start using more of their handheld devices, tablets, and computers for their TV needs.

Yet, it is interesting how many SMART TV’s Samsung and other TV makers have sold. Not just that, every year, during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales, TVs are usually the first of all gadgets to sell out. This surely means that more people are buying TVs.

As a smart business owner, you should know that there’s nothing like TV to forge an emotional connection and rapport with your audience, compel them to buy your products, and give your brand the publicity it needs.

So, while there may be an argument for viewership free fall and lower viewing numbers, we all know that TV ads still work and will continue to work in the nearest future. However, you need to start adopting a multifaceted marketing strategy. Nowadays, marketing on just one screen means you are losing many other people.

The Value Of TV Advertising In 2015

How Can You Use TV Advertising Effectively in 2015?

Combine With Complementary Advertising Methods and Media

You see, things have changed these days. In the past, all you had to do was pay for a TV commercial, make sure the phone lines were working, wait for the ad to air, and the phones to start ringing off the hook. Nowadays, that can and still does happen, but not like before.

Customers are savvier and educated, which means they are also more discriminating. This is both good and bad for you. Good in the sense that if your product is great, they can quickly hop online, check out people’s opinions about your products and services and then make a purchase.

So, create and manage your online presence effectively. Of equal importance are your offline and traditional marketing campaigns and materials. Create custom banners and signs for your business. After all, people need to be able to find your business.

In addition, they will not automatically guess which office or store is yours just because there’s an address. With excellent banner and sign designs using customization tools from online retailers like Quality Sign Designer, you do not have to worry about losing the hard won foot traffic that you paid a ton of money for.

Use for Generating Leads and Traffic to Your Online Store

If you do not have a web presence, you need to get one… NOW! All businesses have an online storefront or office. Even if you are already doing decent business without a website, if you’ll be paying for TV ads, you had better have a web presence.

It is interesting how people instantly Google any ad they find interesting on TV. Even if your website doesn’t get you the necessary traffic or business, you can at the very least make a FAQ page, everything they need to know about your company and all relevant info is on the website.

That way, when your prospects, clients, customers and buyers call, they will not have to ask you the same questions over and over. You’ll just send the time fulfilling and taking orders.

Infomercials Mixed with Commercials

If you have a standard commercial running, that is okay. However, you should consider adding an infomercial to the advertising mix. This is because most people want to know stuff about what they are buying and how it can benefit them. An infomercial combines both information and sales, and takes care of your target audience’s need to know.

Contrary to whatever it is you may have heard, TV advertising is not dying and won’t die – at least not yet. Put your ads on TV and start raking in that cash.

Oscar King works in the marketing industry and knows the best ways to combine traditional outbound tactics like TV and print advertising with online advertising options to maximize revenues. If you want to learn more about Oscar you can visit on Google+.

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