How To Avoid Getting Wet While Riding Bike On A Rainy Day?

How wet are you if you travel by a bike on a rainy day? You may think to put on raincoat as soon as possible, but don’t forget you are riding a bike. Your shoes may get wet if it begins to pour. The rain can even get into your eyes so you can’t open them. After a while you will be drenched from head to toe. Have you suffer from these situations before?

At this point, some travellers may ask what they can do to avoid getting wet. Certainty, we can take some steps to minimize our chances of getting soaked.

Well you might want to put on a raincoat, or a windbreaker, and put on some waterproof pants. It would be great if you also had an onesies.

Wear a safety helmet with a brim, putting on a helmet can help avoid your head from getting wet, it also helps from being injured if you fall.

How To Avoid Getting Wet While Riding Bike On A Rainy Day?

Wear Bicycle Glasses, in addition to preventing harmful ultraviolet rays, wind, and dust, they can also stop water from dripping into your eyes as its curved design helps the water stay off.

Hire a campervan for “bike storage”. When you want to go biking, you can also have a good option for hiring a high-top campervan. Campervan hire Brisbane is a good choice compared to other businesses. The campervan will be your transportation to the biking destination, as well as storage for your bike while it’s raining.

Put on the shoe covers. In order to avoid your shoes, and feet getting wet, we can wear shoes covers, which are design for biking in this particular weather. The bottom of the covers are design as a non-slip modification to your shoes so you don’t slip while you bike.

Modification of you bike. In general, whatever mountain bike, or normal bike that doesn’t have a bike fender, the water will splash on you when it’s raining, or encountering a puddle on the road. But, if you put on a bike fender, the situation can get better. Although the fender may reduce speed and will change the look, but we have to make that choice. If you want a long-term ride, better take a bike fender.

These steps may help you from getting wet, but take this into account on your next trip, your body will get worse if you spend long amounts of time in the rain.

The article brough to you by Jack  Wei, chat with him at email: [email protected]

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