The Importance Of Graphic Design In Your Marketing

The world of advertising has always focused on visuals. After all, most of our daily information comes from what we see – experts suggest that 70% of the information we get comes from our eyes. What’s more, some biologists continue to believe that our eyes are merely extensions of our brains, so this connection seems eerily intriguing. Moreover, our brains are biologically programmed to detect and “feel” beauty as soon as we lay our eyes on it. We can determine if something is beautiful, pleasing or alluring in mere seconds. Most of us can immediately detect when something doesn’t look good — we sense when colors don’t go well together and we know when something is gaudy, flashy, and tasteless.

The Importance Of Graphic Design In Your Marketing

But how did beauty, as a concept, come to determine the success of advertising? Does beauty truly make or break an advertising campaign?

A good design will make an ad memorable

Recent research suggests that we are, on average, exposed to over 360 ads every day, including TV, online, outdoor, and print ads. What’s interesting is that we only remember about 2 to 3 percent of them, which translates to roughly 7 to 12 ads every day. The rest simply go unnoticed, and this happens literally every day, while the other 7 to 12 might linger in our hearts and minds for the rest of the week. We remember their message and what they advertise. But how? Does it all come down to what they look like?

Well, according to advertising specialists, the design of an ad does, indeed, play a huge role in the success of an advertising campaign. Some say that it is the most important aspect of how a business presents itself and that you can sell anything if you have a good presentation. This might account for all those lost ads, but let’s look a little deeper:


Logos are what people immediately recognize about a company or a product. A good logo is like a photo representing your company as a whole. It’s the perfect and most comprehensive branding tool available and it must be perfect. Whether you go for a minimalist look or something more complicated, it must be easily recognizable and instantly associated with your company. Logos have to look good — there is simply no other way to say it, but they must also look just as good when they’re printed on stationary as they do from your business signage.

Business cards

Business cards are often the first thing your potential customers or business partners come into contact with. They are the first advertising tool your company should use when contacting potential customers and they should say a lot about your business. It’s particularly important how they look, the quality of paper, the fonts and the colors used. After all, the ubiquitous business card has only a few square inches in which to convey your contact information in a way that will encourage someone who might have gotten a dozen other business cards that day to choose your business.

Print ads

Newspaper and magazine ads, whether online or through traditional mediums, are very competitive — you have just seconds to attract customers. The design of the print ad must be shocking, controversial or funny, to immediately attract attention. The fonts, the logo, and the company colors must be easily recognizable, and the message must be clear and relevant to the audience and publication.

Outdoor graphics

Outdoor advertising has always been extremely important for businesses. Banners, billboards, flags, and other outdoor advertising tools you use to represent your place of business must look absolutely spectacular to attract passing traffic. They have to be easily readable and deliver a straightforward message. The design of these graphics should incorporate everything the company stands for and make its message known to potential customers. And more important than other mediums, your outdoor advertising needs to be durable and high-quality to withstand the elements. Choose a custom flag company that uses rugged materials and printing methods that will last.

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