How To Make Your Web Design SEO Friendly?


SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization and helps websites get higher ranks on search engines. It is mostly connected with keywords which mean mostly search engines look for the words and reward websites with greater rankings however keywords are not the only determinants of SEO. In addition to keywords, the search engines also assess web designs to help make your responsive site Houston. The web designs are really important as they can help in making your Houston sites responsive by giving them higher ranks on search engine results.  There are certain ways in which you can optimize the web designs of your website to make it SEO Friendly. It does not require expertise or technological knowledge to make your web design SEO friendly, rather you just need to follow few simple steps to make it happen. Here are some of these steps:

How To Make Your Web Design SEO Friendly?

•    Using a lot of visuals helps promote SEO

Content is definitely very important as they help optimize your web page. If the content is interesting, then it helps drive initial traffic and make visitors revisit your sites again and again. However, this does not mean we should flood web pages with visuals and images as they should be in a limited number. This is because if your website content is just full of images, then the search engine will detect your web content as light. On the other hand, if you use a lot of videos and infographics with summaries and text, then that might have a positive impact on making your Houston site responsive. Thus, your web design should take such points into consideration.

•    Heading Tags are helpful for SEO.

If you want to promote your web page’s SEO, then the best way to do so is to break the content into headers. These headers help the text become more easily scannable and make your Houston site responsive. Secondly, these headings should accommodate keywords to help optimize your web page and increase SEO rankings. Search engines weigh these headers by number for example H1 carries greater weight. Hence, your web design needs to break the content into headers to help increase the SEO rankings.

•    Responsiveness means Greater SEO

Your web design should be responsive to all devices because nowadays most people use their mobile phones, tablet devices, and other gadgets to access the internet. The age of desktop computers has passed away since long so it should make your Houston site responsive to all kind of devices which means your website should open up on every device. If your web page is mobile-friendly, then it will definitely make your Houston site responsive.

•    Upgraded HTML means Greater SEO

You should always use upgraded HTML which is the markup language of your web design. It has great implications for the SEO like new elements called semantic elements. It helps search engines understand what’s on your web page and in return help you optimize your page and make your Houston Site Responsive. Thus, your web design needs to use upgraded version of HTML.

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