Natural Home Remedies For Bad Breath

Most People experience bad breath in the morning due to lack of saliva. Bleeding gums are often a sign of gum disease, that causes bad breath. You need to maintain good oral health that is essential to controlling bad breath. Here are the best home remedies to combat and prevent bad breath.  garlic, onion and anchovies, helps to get rid of Bad Breath. The bleeding gums are often a sign of gingivitis and not known it. Bad breath  in most cases linked to the smoking and alcohol.

  • Daily two times 1 or 2 drops of essential oil of peppermint on your tongue – larger quantities are likely to cause digestive disorders. Besides its pleasant scent, this oil has the advantage of being bactericidal. Drinking large amounts of tea of peppermint or spearmint and water helps  to fight against bad breath.
  • You can also chew fennel or anise and cloves, easy to carry in a small box; or fresh parsley, chlorophyll-rich.
  • These home remedies must be associated with a strict oral hygiene, which includes  cleaning of the teeth and gaps, as well as brushing the tongue. Essential oil of mint peppery. Dose: 1 or 2 drops  on the tongue Warning: taking large quantities, this oil may cause digestive disorders; peppermint infusion can also be helpful.
  • The Spirulina is also available in chewable tablets. Rich in pigments, In addition, these plants and product support growth of “good” bacteria in the large intestine. Parsley, Dose: chew 1 sprig of fresh parsley after meals or when needed. the essential oil of parsley is the main ingredient in some preparations to cleanse the breath. Spirulina Dose: rinse your mouth with drinks from algae, rich in pigments, in commercially available (follow the instructions provided on the package).  Namely: is also found in the form of chewable tablets..

Tips and Tricks to get Rid of Bad Beath

  1. Brush your teeth at least two times a day.
  2. Rub the tongue with a wet toothbrush or the edge of a metal spoon.
  3. Avoid alcohol and tobacco.
  4. Eat one orange a day. Citrus fruits contain phytonutrients that regulate the intestinal flora.
  5. Some doctors recommend increasing fiber intake (taking psyllium, for example) and clear liquid diet for constipation to help get things moving. Found in health food shops of herbal preparations, sometimes used in colon cleansing.

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