Simple Tools To Making Commerce Blogging Easier

The key to successful eCommerce blogging is the ability to deliver high quality posts, which are interesting and relevant to the reader. If you look for inspiration or simple tools, which will make the process of creating and publishing blog posts easier, check the following solutions:

Finding a Good Topic for a Post

If you experience a writer’s block, Google Trends might serve as a good inspiration for what to write about. There are multiple ways you can use Google Trends, starting from researching hot trends by day and by location and moving on to comparing trends and researching their history. The best thing about using Google Trends is the ability to find topics, which guarantee the popularity and increased traffic to your blog. In a similar manner you can also check what is trending on social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Simple Tools To Making Commerce Blogging Easier

Better Researching

It would be difficult to find a blogger, who does not use Google, but how many additional resources do you use to better research the topic? You would be surprised how much useful information can be found on social networks, such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Quora. Social media users regularly post links to interesting articles and discuss topics, which might be useful to you. For example, if you are looking for some information on Magento performance tuning, start from looking for social groups dedicated to shopping cart development to find tips you can next use in your article.

Writing Down Ideas

There are many different tools that bloggers use to save ideas for articles, but one has almost a cult status – Evernote. This simple tool allows you to store links, ideas and parts of posts, which you can later browse through by topics to find the ones, which you need the most. Evernote allows you to better organize your ideas and speeds up the process of creating new articles.

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