Safe Product For Intake With Vegetables Content

This supplement is being produced from vegetables like Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, Cauliflower and broccoli. The main purpose of this supplement is, it will act against cancer. People are asking about the side effects of this supplement. DIM is rated as Likely Safe with minimum side effects. It will not pose any side effects, if it is taken in particular dosages. It will be produced when; indole 3 carbinol is getting converted into gastric enzymes. I3C is a natural substance formed from cruciferous vegetables from Brassica plant.

DIM is demonstrated as being with properties like anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, antiangiogenic, anti-proliferative, chemo preventive, anti-arthritic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic and CYP modifying effects. Being as a natural compound, its side effects are rare and this is more tolerated for adult. When this supplement is taken in oral form, it will not report any side effects. It is proved with 12 weeks supplementation program. DIM is recommended to be a safe supplement as with its oral form, but only in level which correspond to natural dietary intake levels.

In its 12 weeks intake period, this therapy will not induce any serious side effects. If it is taken in 300 mg dosage, it may induce two issues as head ache and gastrointestinal upset. If it is being used in 600 mg dosage, DIM will be unsafe. Highest dosage will develop asymptomatic hyponatremia. Hyponatremia is a condition in which sodium levels will go to low level. Sodium is an electrolyte and so it is used to regulate the amount of water surrounding the cells. It also helps in the maintenance of blood pressure and also in the functioning of muscles and nerves.

Safe Product For Intake With Vegetables Content

Various Benefits of Supplement:

When it is researched in clinical studies, it reported two side effects and Hyponatremia is one among those. One should avoid the 24 grams of DIM in daily manner during pregnancy period. There are various medications which will interact with this supplement. For Example, if you take CYP1A2 with DIM, then you should be careful in stacking combination. DIM may affect CYPIA2 and so it may cause serum levels to become low. Since DIM is being associated with hyponatremia, it should not be used as a stacking agent with diuretics.

DMS is rated as Likely Safe. If it is taken with estrogenic drugs, then side effects will be produced in moderate level. In clinical studies, DIM is demonstrated with both estrogenic and anti-estrogenic actions. There will be no negative interactions between DIM and herbaceous medicines. There are possibilities for diindolylmethane side effects with hormone sensitive conditions or even cancers. Early science indicates DIM as an resisting agent to estrogenic issues and in this way, it helps in the patient’s health to eliminate cancer. In anyway, it is seemed to be anti-cancer and chemo preventive agent. In general, this supplement is said to be useful in promoting improved hormone balance in both men and women. This supplement being as a natural product will be very useful in weight loss, increased level of testosterone in men and increased level of estrogen and more.

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