Know Everything About Baseball Rules

Tired of working? Ask the Americans how to relax. Their prompt answer would be – Baseball, what else? The season of spring in the United States of America brings with it the overflowing joys of playing and watching baseball. Baseball is not, just a game, for the Yankees. It serves as their getaway from the everyday mundane life. Many a men are found bunking some time off their work and hanging around with friends with a can of beer to top it up.

One of the most convenient things about the game baseball is that, it is not bound by time. So just grab a can of beer and enjoy your day off with your friends as long as the game is on! Most Americans are in love with this game since its evolution, and not without any reason. Along with the recreational purpose it serves as a great socializing place       too.

Hence it is no wonder that Alex Paler, though born in Akron, is a diehard fan of this game since he has been living in Chicago, for the past 20 years. He is particularly fond of the Chicago Cubs team who are about to start their new season of the game, beginning from the 5th of April. This American Baseball team hails from the North side of Chicago, Illinois and have carved a place from themselves among the top baseball teams of Chicago.

The kind of leagues determines the rules in any baseball game, although the basic rules are pretty much the same. The various types of baseball played are high school, fantasy league, youth, Cal Ripken and American league. In any game of baseball, there are basically two teams, wherein each team plays 9 innings with the aim to score the maximum number of runs.

The field where the game is played has a square or a diamond shape covering an area of 90 ft. One team sends a ‘batter’ or ‘hitter’ to hit the ball. The work of the batter is to hit the ball and start running along specified lines so as to touch the four bases located on the four corners of the pitch. A maximum of three batters are sent by each side to constitute an innings, after which the side changes.

Alex Paler is a sports lover and so takes keen interest in understanding the rules of the game he loves. He closely watches most of the leagues of baseball and patiently waits like other Chicago residents for a game of the Chicago Cubs as well as Chicago Blackhawk. So this is a time favourable for all those eagerly expectant Chicago Yankees as both the teams are about begin their new season of baseball.

As regards the rules of the game, they are not very difficult to comprehend. The basic aim of each team is to get the last batter out, and since this game is not played by time, it is quite a relaxed one. Both the players as well as the spectators take their own sweet time to enjoy this game and the company of the people at the game.

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