Pre and Post Nutrition Workout Tips For Your Kids

Nutrition tips and Healthcare: What to do before and after your child’s workout written by: Mike Constant It’s no secret that in today’s world, it has become more and more vital to live a healthy lifestyle. Exercise and a proper diet have great preventative qualities to many of the known ailments, including cancer. Armed with this information, it is important to teach children while they are still young about nutrition, and get them to exercise during their teen years. Here are some tips on how to get that started

Pre Workout:

Before working out, the body needs to be put into a state of preparation. Pre workout supplements often have many compounds that have detrimental long-term effects, and are not recommended. Instead here are some natural steps you or your child can take in order to help put them on the right path.


Not enough people stretch before their workout, and it is a complete mistake to not do so. Repetitive motion strain and hyper extension are real possibilities that can occur for beginners and professionals alike. Stretching loosens the muscles and adds flexibility to the joints. It is prevents your muscles going stiff and stalling on a heavy lift during your workout.

-Simple carbs Carbohydrates are what the body uses as immediate fuel. There are two different types, complex and simple. Complex carbs (apples, etc.) take a while for the body to break down, but are generally healthier. Simple carbs are lacking important nutrients, but offer quick release energy for the body within a few minutes of ingestion. This can be things like: chocolate, candy, fruit juice. They will help add energy to the body. Things like coffee are also really good before a workout because it is sugary and doubles as a vasodilator. A vasodilator temporarily increases the surface area in your veins which allows more blood to pump to your extremities and muscles that are used in conjunction with today’s lift.

Pre and Post Nutrition Workout Tips For Your Kids

After the workout, the body will be exhausted. Beginners will experience DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) almost immediately. This pain while recede over the next few days, and doesn’t happen at all after working out for a longer period of time. If pain persists, the ehic cards will come in handy, as you can go to your local clinic and have a free check up! It is important to remember that when you are working out, you are effectively, breaking down your muscles. How do we get more fit? Here are some tips on how the body repairs itself after a workout.


rest is how you see all the big lifters get to their size. After a good workout, they sleep and take one or two rest days off. The body has experienced rips and tears in the muscles, and its immediate response is to rebuild the muscle stronger than before. The process repeats itself every time you work out, and you grow stronger and stronger.


eating well after a workout is imperative. you are only as strong as the fuel you give your body. Make sure to eat lots of protein and limit carbs. Things like beans, meat, dairy, and green vegetables are the most important part of a healthy diet. Unlike pre-workout supplements, whey protein powder is a great way to improve your protein intake.

With these tips, your child should be ready to go! Make sure to also supervise them or as a personal trainer to help them during their workout if they have no idea what they are doing. Search online for some routines and get working out today. Remember to use and sign up for ehic cards for your child, to guarantee free or cheap healthcare.

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