7 Tips On How To Hit A Baseball

Hitting a baseball can be one of the most difficult things to do in sports. Ask any player, trying time, a 95 mph fastball and then try to hit a ball that seems to come out on top after falling into a strike. Here are seven basic steps to getting started on the path to success in hitting a baseball.

Step 1: Place the Weight on the Foot Again

This step is very important, with the weight sitting on your back foot will not generate any power when it comes to driving the ball. The power does not come from arms, is in his mid-section and legs. If you look at big hitters, power comes from your legs not your arms. One thing you need to know before trying to hit a baseball.

Step 2: Step to the Front Foot

In the pitch is coming, step forward with your front foot, shifting your back foot to your front foot. This is what generates the power and leads you to play the ball cleanly. There is no way you can hit a ball without this step. If this step is not followed it will be very difficult to go through the five steps.

Step 3: Turning Hips

If you are a right-handed batsman and a left-handed batter, rotating the hips is the main key to hit a baseball. Have you ever tried to hit the baseball without pressing or turning the hips? It is difficult and almost impossible to do. Now, after putting his weight back and then transfer your weight to your front foot by turning the hips is what full power. This is the last step to get that power to drive the ball

Step 4: Keep your Head Down / Keep your Eye on the Ball

Without this step will definitely never hit the baseball would be like trying to hit a baseball with eyes closed, just not going to happen. Keep your head down and keep your eyes on the ball will help with the next step, and will also make it much easier to hit the ball. You cannot hit if you cannot see.

Step 5: Take your Hands Through

Once you bring around your hips, it will be difficult to follow no hands; your body will automatically bring your hands through. He will be responsible for enforcing the hands coming through with the bat. This is also known as driving the baseball bat. As I said before all the power comes from the legs and midsection, so their weapons are actually bat control where it goes. However, with the view of the ball and your hips rotating arms should just automatically come through, but of course with a bit of strength too.

Step 6: Turn your Back Foot

The “squash bug” technique is at the end of your swing; this helps you to maintain balance after big swing and allows you to run after hitting the ball. It’s called crush the mistake as to pivot the back foot, it also keeps your body and stops turning you hurt your legs.

Step 7: Follow through with your Swing

This completes the balance and move forward with the ball. Making contact with the ball through the following will make the ball go further than it would if you just take half a turn and stopped. As someone told me to start with the bat shoulder and at the end of your swing if you followed through, the bat should be on your opposite shoulder.

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