Money Saving Tips For Car Insurance

No one likes to spend money on bills in this case car insurance; in fact, many people consider it as the least pleasant bill of them all. You are not only spending money but you are spending it to protect yourself and others from events that range from the unpleasant events to the catastrophic ones. This leads to the age old consumer question: Why should I pay more? Have you had enough of hefty insurance bills? Below are simple money saving tips that will help you to put more change in your pocket.

Money Saving Tips For Car Insurance

Shop Around

“Different insurance firms do tender different rates.

  • Speak to at least ten different insurance companies to get their quotes so that you can compare.
  • For each company, make sure to use similar set of conditions, and in case a company proposes to you a totally new feature, consult the other firms and get an adjusted re-quote.”


“An excellent credit report will help you to get a lower car insurance cost.

  • People with a fine credit score are considered to be responsible individuals who drive their cars safely and pay their premiums right on time.”


“Auto insurance firms offer a wide variety of discounts that as a driver you need to take advantage of. Take a defensive driving program offered by the SDMV (State Department of Motor Vehicle) and you can be offered a discount on the car insurance.

  • Other discounts normally include grouping your car insurance together with the homeowners insurance.
  • Also if you are applying for premiums as a group you will most likely get a higher discount rate as compared to purchasing a premium on your own.”


“If you are having low deductible on your car insurance of anywhere between $0 and $200, consider lifting it to $500.

  • Raising the deductible means that you will need to pay more if damage is sustained on your car, but if you avoid accidents, then savings on the premiums makes up for additional deductible.”


“Some insurance agents add some features such as roadside assistance or rental car reimbursement to the policy, which normally raises your premium.

  • Request to have such features removed from the policy so as to lower the costs.
  • A new car already comes with the roadside assistance package, and if at all you belong to the auto club you will as well get the roadside assistance policy through it.”

Stick Around

“Many insurance firms lower the premium cost of customers who stay put with their company for a lot of years.

  • Inquire from your insurance agent whether their company is offering the loyal customer discount, if so consider staying put with that firm so that in the near future you can start saving if you can’t access that offer now.”


“There are numerous ways that can help you save more money by just changing the way that you pay for your car insurance bill.

  • If you pay for the premium monthly, read the bill next time you receive it and see whether there’re extra charges that are being added every month for processing the payments.
  • You can save a lot of money by paying for your premiums at least in six month lump sums as compared to every month. This means you will be saving on processing payments.
  • Acquire a credit card offering a cash back bonus and only use it to pay for the car insurance.
  • The cash back payment is much like a discount on the car insurance.

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