10 Amazing Apps To Get For Your Car

With the rapid development of mobile technology, many apps have been created to help you in more ways than one. They can help you to keep your car in top condition, help you save on gas, avoid an accident or seek help in case you unfortunately did get into an accident. Our work gets simplified to a great extent by simply following the advice we can generate from these apps. They can suggest the best route to take, the best place to buy gas at the best price, they can also warn us of an impending danger or collision. Most apps can align themselves with your cars computer to tell you exactly what is going on under the hood. They assist in trouble shooting problems and help you fix many errors yourself.

10 Amazing Apps To Get For Your Car

There are different apps for different operating systems, for instance the Apple iOS apps will be different from the ones which are compatible with the Android ones. It is also important to note that your mobiles GPS remains activated always. The only issue here is that your mobile battery will run down pretty quickly. It is therefore practical to keep a mobile car charger handy. It is also advisable to keep your app easily visible by placing them in your direct vision, either on the dashboard or in the corner of the windshield or near the upper sun flap.

Listed below are some of the most useful, effective and help you save on time and money:

  1. Car Locator: This app basically remembers the point where your car has been parked and helps you locate it. It also informs you the time it has been parked there and the distance you have to get there. Among other useful features is that helps you set an alarm after a certain time from when it has been parked and can even send you an email or text its location.
  2. Gas Buddy: A useful app to help you find functional gas stations with the lowest gas prices in the neighborhood you may be in presently. The gas saving can be considerable when calculated on a monthly or annual basis.
  3. aCar: It first requires you to input all your car details like make, model and year of manufacture. It can then calculate how much you spend on fuel a day or even what it costs you to drive a mile, and when you need to refuel. It also keeps a maintenance check record once you have entered some basic data. In case you are driving for a charitable cause, it tells you the tax deduction you can claim.
  4. iOn Road : This app uses your mobiles camera and GPS to help you avoid accidents by calculating the distance between you and the vehicle in front and how you will collide.
  5. Torque Pro: Informs you of the cars diagnostics live. It uses an OBD II adapter using a Bluetooth connection to communicate with your car engine. It detects engine trouble and helps you to fix it in time to save costs later on. Besides, it can tell you the time you took from getting from 0 – 60 in seconds. It can also read transmission and temperatures and constantly giving you a report on your Co2 emissions,
  6. Trapster: Tells you where the police are waiting with speed guns, also, where there are traffic jams you can avoid. Besides, it can help you share information where red light appears, Users send in the relevant info, assisting all other trapster users.
  7. Waze: Helps with GPS and traffic conditions. It tells what you may expect up ahead. You can avoid heavily trafficked routes and help you take alternate roads with detailed directions.
  8. IWrecked: Keeps a record of the accidents you may have had.  For instance, when was the last time you wrecked your fender, or had a bigger accident and the place to get the best support?
  9. My Max Speed: It helps prevent getting speeding tickets. It tells you exactly where cops have got their speed guns in place. Also, tells you when you are approaching a red traffic light, besides, the maximum speed recommended on the route you are on.
  10. Green Meter: Tells you about your driving style and helps you change to get optimum results. It continuously tells you about the carbon dioxide emissions you are emitting to the atmosphere, and if the fault lies in your car engine, or you’re erratic driving of sudden acceleration and hard breaking habits.

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