Marketing and Sales In The Modern Day – A Threat or An Opportunity?

When a business is set up, though the entrepreneur is not very sure of how big the business will grow to be, he surely would wish to see the business expand. This is one of the big reasons for every entrepreneur to have the services of marketing experts in their business. A marketing professional would see to it that the products or services would be sold to customers near and far. He would also see to it that the products are sold to customers and the customers are happy with the products.

A modern-day business does not just rely on a retail outlet for reaching out to customers. A modern entrepreneur would surely try to use the digital marketing platforms too, to entice customers and possibly reach out to the right customers in newer cities and countries too. This is one of the best ways that a modern day marketer like Eddie O’ Brien Microsoft based would be knowing if there are customers in other parts of the world too who might be in want or would rather like to experience these products.

Marketing and Sales In The Modern Day - A Threat or An Opportunity

Globalization has really enabled entrepreneurs to really expand and think big with their business. So, while many people are thinking of reaching out to just the next city with their business, the more adventurous are already in the helm of making their business global. This is how Microsoft took its expansion globally. While one of its verticals was dealing with worldwide channels, one other telecom service was to expand globally. With the service of smart and timely strategies of Eddie O’ Brien, Microsoft got the publicity and even was successful in reaching its products to the customers, beyond their existing horizon.

As a marketing head taking care of various stores, franchises and other such business plans, it might become very difficult for a marketer to focus on everything with equal ease. This is why under the vigilant guidance of Eddie O’ Brien, Microsoft was able to have many teams of marketing professionals too who would also give him regular feedback on the performance of products and services across the different cities and countries.

One of the biggest challenges that every marketing professional or team would face is that of consistent performance and regular competition from rival brands. There is no dearth of competition from around the world but it is also to be noted that one has no other way out of this competition too. There is no way one can say he has no competition and it is because of competition that companies strive to give the best for their customers too.

Therefore, many companies and teams who want to stay ahead in competition try to sell their products with special focus on quality or even try to give the best after sales services too at all times. Modern marketing is a big arena and companies are leaving no stone unturned towards reaching out and making a mark with their services in the hearts of their customers.

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