Understand The Different To Buy A Correct Tennis Bat

There are numerous options for almost anything and everything. Same applies to tennis racquets. At times, buying becomes the toughest choice to make? Whether you need a light weight or a heavy model but the decision will depend basically on your needs.

The time you decide to buy a new tennis bat, look for what you need on an urgent basis. Is it the power or the control or the blend of both- what do you want? Determine this factor first. For a beginner it is a good idea to use a light weight racquet.

Racquet’s weight between 9-10 ounces is just right as the heaviness and the matching size will let you attain the right control. You may also be able to hit the ball, correctly. Beam width needs attention and for this you may visit http://www.wolfesports.com/collections/tennis

A senior player has different requirements. After spending a lot of time playing tennis, an advanced player will need a racquet having following features:-

  • Heavier racquet that is more than 10.5 in weight
  • Smaller head
  • Thinner beam

Neither new nor an advanced player

Combination of strength and control is the necessary aspect, if you belong to an intermediate category. A tennis bat with everything in mediocrity like medium size and beam width will be just right.  If there is no grip, how you will hit the ball or rather control the ball.

Traditional Vs. Contemporary

Racquets were not always 27 inches long. They were lesser in length. If you have a closer look at the different sizes, you will find that there are 28” tennis bats available. The quote gets proved here again that – the only thing constant in life is change. The lengthier racquets have the following features:-

  • Frames are sturdier
  • Provides greater momentum
  • Better popup on your shots

Light or heavy head

The best way to check whether the tennis bat’s head is heavy or light is to hold the racquet right from the center. Once you hold the racquet, and if its head moves towards the ground then it obviously has a heavy head else if the handle moves down, then the head is light.

Racquets having heavy heads provide you with better power and control. Unfortunately, due to its weight exercising gets tough and this may become a threat while playing the match.

Light head racquets are better to play with, while on the net.

The bats that are even / moderate in every aspect are the kinds that attract majority of players. Every kind of player new or advanced can use them comfortably.

Open or dense string

Pattern of strings is important too. For instance, if there is more topspin added then you will hit the ball in a better way and maintain yourself in the court. A pattern that is called open may have around 20 cross and 16 main strings.

String weave options are many but the selection will depend on your capabilities as a beginner, medium level or an advanced level player.

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