Your Ultimate Guide To Catch Fishes During For Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing is a very adventurous sport. It involves venturing out into the deep open oceans, after careful analysis of weather and other conditions. Though it is a very relaxing sport, but you should be very careful when it comes to equipment and working details.

Here we have a list of things you should take care while you are there in the deep blue sea.

Areas where you should look for fish

  • Rocks, reefs and wrecks

Places like rocks, reefs, and wrecks provide a safe haven to fishes from the strong ocean currents prevailing in the sea. This is a very suitable place for fishing especially for your fist attempt.

The fishes can be as far as 100 yards from the reef area. For species such as blackfish or snapper, you should first anchor your bot at a suitable location and then try to place your bait in the sea. That way you ensure that you can catch even the low trawling fishes.

  • Navigational aids and towers

A sonar or fish finder can be used correctly to identify the location of fishes near man-made structures like navigational aids or towers in the sea. Fishes dwell here for different reasons. Some may come here for shelter and other just for a routine patrol. Overall this is an area where you can easily catch fishes.

  • Hills and deep sea mount

Submerged hill structures create diversions in the ocean current. This makes them a very suitable fish spot where they can stay secure and away from the harsh ocean currents. If you find any submerged hill, that is the best place in the deep sea to place your bait.

To identify such structures, you should look out for change in ocean currents or ripples. Fishes generally hook in one area, while hills may stretch out for many miles. You should try trolling in such areas.

  • Continental shelves and canyons

Continental shelves are another great place to check out for fishes. Here also, the ocean currents are not very rapid and hence they become a suitable place where fishes come for shelter. Trolling the sea surface for other fishes is recommended to get more and more fishes out of your bait.

  • Kelp forests

Sea water in temperate and polar coasts give rise to kelp forests. These are large patches of kelp plants that form a deep sea forest. They form a very suitable shelter for many kinds of fishes. They are highly dense and form one of the most productive belts in the sea. You can start by anchoring your boat and putting up a dead bait in the sea.

  • Open Ocean

Open ocean fishing is an endeavor to which only very experienced fisherman enjoy success. You need special hooks and anchors to be successful in open sea fishing. One of the best and easiest ways is to hire a fish charter boat which provides you a very stable platform for deep sea fishing.

These are the areas, where fishing will fetch you the maximum results. Venturing out in the deep ocean can be a risky affair. You should check for all your equipment, weather and boat condition, before venturing out into the open sea.

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