If we are talking about the top riser in today’s sport then we are definitely talking about UFC. YFC itself stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship which is basically a sport that includes many punches, kicks, and even submissions. Maybe we will firstly find it hard to differentiate between UFC and other fighting sports where it is basically the same which is about knocking off other people. However, there is some huge differences which separated this sport with other similar sports. For example, UFC takes place in what’s so called as Octagon. Yes, it has a shape like an octagon not by a usual boxing ring. This octagon is then being restricted by strings which makes the fighters cannot go outside the ring unless from the given door. Another difference is that UFC has three rounds where each round consists from three until five minutes where in that round, fighter is free to use any fighting techniques to beat down his/her opponents. The third difference is that there are many types of win that can be achieved inside the octagon. For example, winning by submission is possible where the condition is when the opponent is tapping out by moving his/her hands repeatedly up and down, signaling that he/she surrender.

The Main Question

Now the main question is: how do we start getting used to fight in this famous fighting championship. Whilst this championship consists of myriad of strong and skillful people, the first thing that we should do is to know our fighting style. There are many fighting styles such as Judo, boxing, Thai Boxing, Jujitsu, and many others. Hence, our “first things first” is to know which path that we are going to take in order to fight inside the octagon. Soon after we have known our fighting style, the second step is to train intensely which does not only include going to gym and do some work outs but to get a personal trainer to teach us how to fight. It is because going out to the gym is only enlarging our muscle without any knowledge how to punch effectively or to deliver a deadly kick. Therefore, searching for a thai boxing camp or even a jujitsu training center is strongly recommended.

Fighting Trials

The third step is to do many fighting trials with other people in our training camp. This is also very important since punching a punching bag or training with personal trainer won’t be too effective unless we know how to apply it to our opponents. For example, grappling is one of the methods to take down the opponent to the ground which turns to be a high point in UFC. The technique to do the right grappling is not only one where it consists of various techniques. This is because the technique to take down smaller people than us and to take down the “giants” are very difference. Therefore, it is essential to do some trials before we are making our first debut in the octagon. Well, it is not easy and needs time but everything is possible.

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