How To Improve The Chances Of Making A Goal?

Soccer is all about keeping the possession of the ball and making the best utilization of the possession to make goal. While some manage to keep the ball in possession, they otherwise fail to win a perfect goal. There are so many reasons why the soccer ball hits the goal and also why it fails to even reach the goal keeping region. For the ball to reach the goal, it is important that the player shoots the ball to the target with perfect vision and skills. It is important to understand the situation and bring in right technique to win a goal. Here are a few tips that will help them to be successful in making a large number of goals for the team.

Shooting Tips

Before shooting make sure you can estimate the distance, impact, angle and speed required to achieve the distance. For this it is important to follow simple strategies, shooting low and wide, and across the keeper is the mantra. All these strategies are tried and succeeded in crippling the goal keeper. When you shoot wide you get a better deflection that can mislead the goal keeper. A low shooting will make it harder for the goal keeper as he has to move forward and crouch down to pick up the ball or deviate it. Instead when you shoot high, they can jump high easily and make the save. When the ball is shot across the keeper, it becomes difficult to divert the ball successfully and it may reach another attacker meanwhile.

The skills on shooting the ball also should be brushed up so that the ball reaches the goal successfully. Noticing the goal keeper’s position and exploiting the opportunities is very important. Make a precise and accurate shot that either reaches a goal or the follower. It is also important to bend a little ahead and maintain the composure, keep your eyes on the ball and then make a shot. Make sure you touch the ball with the big toe knuckle and connect with the top half or middle part of the ball.

Play On The Records

Make use of the vulnerable spots in the goal, they are the ones where most of the goals are made. According to a recent study, most of the goals are done in the top left region of the goal when compared to top center or top right. Compared to top goals, the goals are more successful at bottom left, bottom center and bottom right. This is because the goal keepers are not able to stop the down sweeping ball; the ball easily gets an access to the goal region. So, the odds of a goal being successful are poor down, so it is good to keep the shooting low and wide. 62% of the total goals evaluated were hit low, moreover, 67% of the goals were hit at the corners and the remaining 33% was hit at the center. Practice and observation help get the shoot a perfect goal.

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