The Exercise for Desk Workers

Working for earning money could be more important than anything. Some people will put the work schedule and their job as the first priority. They could put their happiness behind. They even do not think their healthy when they are working.

People who work in front of the desk for more than eight hours a day and at least five days a week sometimes put their health concern behind. The worst thing is that they do not realize that their healthy is at risk. People who are at the desk from nine to five for almost a week could need exercise even though they think they are fine.

How much exercise that Person who Work at Desk need

The assumption of sitting all day is not great. From the science point of view, the researchers have shown the remaining stationary for the extended periods of time. It can be detrimental to the health. The general purpose of the exercise is a big part of offsetting the harmful effects of setting. The routine of sitting in front the desk could determine how many session of the gym which they need. Scientifically, when you sit in front of the desk too much, it will become the number of how much exercise that you need. You could count when the last time you exercise and how long you have worked in front of the desk until now.

From the latest study which is published in The Lancet, it shows that the ideal formula for counteracting the negative effects of a sedentary job. There is a new method to keep healthy even though you work in front of desk very much. You did not have to do the exercise based on the fixed number of hours spent exercising. The ratio of exercise depends on how much you sit. People who work averagely eight hours a day should spend at least one hour each day moving. For example, when you sit at the office for about six hours a day, you will need half an hour of exercising every day. The research for this issue indicates that exercise does not have to be all at once. It means that you do not have to work out six hours a week. It is better to do half an hour until an hour every single day. The exercise which you do is easy; you only need to walking, as simple as that.

This analyzed has been studied from a pool of million adults over the age of 45 in Western Europe, the United States, and Australia. Their data have been done some research with examined data from 16 published studies. The data and the researchers use it to determine how much exercise is required to compensate for sitting. Then, it has been recommended daily exercise goal is higher than the previous advice but not necessarily less attainable. It will give it a complete throughout the day. It seems that this condition is global problems.


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