How To Triple Your Income – 11 Tips For Dentist

Dentistry is an exciting profession. Dentists get to help people live healthier lives with great dental health. Running a practice, though, is strictly business. Using standard techniques that have worked for others will increase your income quickly. Here’s 11 ways you can triple your income.

Follow up After Appointments

The best time to talk to a patient about more services is right after they have finished up with their office visit. They’re receptive to hearing about what happened at their appointment are they’re likely to consider your advice on other treatments they can benefit from.

Affordable Financing Helps Clients Out

Some treatment options may be out of your client’s reach if they have to pay all at once. Giving them affordable financing options will allow them to get these additional services. There are lots of companies offering financing for dentistry. Use ones that have a good reputation with clients and dentists.

Improve Phone Skills

Never underestimate how important phone calls are to the health of your practice. Skilled staff can keep customers happy. They can also sell added services and treatment if they listen carefully to what the clients are saying.

Make Staff Training a Priority

If your staff is knowledgeable about treatments, they can help reinforce the need for these treatments in the client’s mind. Staff who don’t appear to know much about your practice, services or techniques can actually be a roadblock to your progress.

How To Triple Your Income - 11 Tips For Dentist

Sell Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic procedures are high ticket items. Some of your clients will want them. Make yourself available to speak with them about how cosmetic procedures will  make them look more attractive. Have brochures available that provides additional information they need to know about to help them decide. Offer financing to close the sale.

Keep Your Message Consistent

You and your staff and your marketing message need to stay aligned. Consistent and clear messaging always increases revenues and income. Review all your material and procedures to make sure your message is not confusing. Speak with an AMP Dental Consultant about how others have achieved this goal.

Think Like a Business Person

Dentists are responsible for health, but also need to run a profitable business. Your income can be increased by following best practice techniques that all businesses use. This includes automation, outsourcing, and consistent training and continuing education. Reducing costs and increasing profit is the fastest way to triple your income in a reasonable amount of time.

Don’t Neglect Your Marketing

 Marketing is important as any other function for a dentist. Marketing keeps a steady stream of new customers coming in. Customer service keeps them coming back, which is also extremely effective marketing. Build marketing into the DNA of your business.

Embrace People Online

Your clients all are active online. They have social network accounts and expect to see you everywhere they’re at. Assign someone for at least one hour per day to update and engage in all channels. If you or your staff don’t have time, outsource the task to a reliable provider.

Automate When Possible

Automation is always a way to increase profit and income. Any tasks that are being repeated manually can be automated. This saves your staff time which can then be devoted to more lucrative work. Low-value activities should always be automated to free up time to complete high-value actions.

Use Outsourcing as Needed

Outsourcing can increase your productivity and lower costs. You can outsource IT, phone answering, billing, and marketing. Focus on what you’re good at and leave the rest to third party providers.

Tripling your income involved a mindset that is focused on increasing profit and moving revenue up. Study the subject monthly and talk to consultants who can help you with your strategy.

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