How to Start Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is an important path of education in many countries. In the United States alone, about 2 millions people are home schooled. There are different reasons why parents choose to home school their children. These include religious reasons, dissatisfaction with existing public school education, special needs of children, more opportunities to have more quality time with children and parents who work in different countries. Regardless of the reasons, parents have the right to provide education for their children at home. Starting out home schooling program shouldn’t be quite easy. Private schools may be able to offer nurturing environment for students. For many parents, they can’t afford to obtain customized education process from private schools.

The tuition costs often skyrocket each year and many parents are eager to provide homeschooling program. It can be quite daunting to start home schooling. However, once the whole family successfully gets past the first year of home schooling, the subsequent years should be much easier. With proper implementations, home schooling should be a relatively rewarding thing. Just like students in standard schools, homeschoolers also need to study and work hard. They could spend many hours studying each day. Because students can learn in a more comfortable surrounding, they are often able to achieve significant results. Before starting homeschooling program, it is important to contact the local school superintendent. Families should make sure that they are able to fulfill all legal requirements. There are different requirements related to homeschooling, as an example, homeschoolers may need to study 6 hours each day for 250 days each year.

It is often argued that homeschooling setting is less disciplined, especially if parents are unable to establish discipline among children. It is also important that parents are well educated, so they are able to guide children in homeschooling process. For parents who want to put children outside the standard public school system, it is important to make sure that they are fully prepared. Some parents may want to purchase curriculum and they can be quite expensive. However, they could inform parents about what they should teach to their children. There books, workbooks, tests, quizzes and teacher’s guides in a homeschooling package. With Internet access, homeschooling is much easier to do and students are able to take online tests to ensure that they are able to keep up with standard students.

I suggest more or less following the standard curriculum that is being taught to other children in the grade your child is currently in. As a tax payer, you are entitled to use text books that the public school children are using. So, I always request these at the beginning of the year. This gives me an idea of what the other children will be learning and gives me a place to start. Between these books and other online resources such as EdHelper, I am able to put together a curriculum specific to the needs and interests of my child. Some home school parents purchase curriculums. They can be a little expensive but if you are really nervous about what to teach, this may be the answer. They usually come with books, workbooks, teacher’s guides and even tests and quizzes all ready to go. There are a lot of home school curriculum available for purchase and can be found online. Another option is an online school. I do not have any experience with these, but I know they are growing in popularity. With internet access, your child attends school online everyday. Assignments and tests are given online with live teacher help.

Before starting a homeschooling program, it is important for students to understand about their own needs and wants. Their preferences should be taken into account.  Whichever method we choose, it is important to ensure that homeschooling doesn’t become a stressful situation. During a homeschooling session, it is important for students and parents to have fun and laugh together. Parents should also know how to allow children to learn better with multiplication tables. Regardless of the methods, it is important to cover all the basics. Many homeschoolers are able to become more productive members of society. It is important to ask children what they want to do and perhaps their wishes can be reconciled with homeschooling schedules and learning

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