How to Ensure Proper Study Skills?

Study skill is essentially an ability to learn about specific lesson successfully, depending on fundamental factors. Study skill could be determined by the ability to perceive accurately and concentrate. Study skills are not the same with study methods and study techniques. There are different study skills that can be implemented. As an example, mnemonics training can be achieved properly. This skill can be achieved by keeping a sequential fashion of learning. With mnemonics, students are able to reconstruct target content by tying together new clues. Learners should have existing knowledge base and its means that retrieval of information can be accomplished easily. There are different mnemonic methods that we can achieve, such as pegwords, keywords, loci methods, acronyms, phonetic, spelling, yodai and number-sound.

Students should determine mnemonic methods that can better improve their memory performance. Students could start with the most common mnemonic method based on their requirements. Study techniques are things that students can implement to make sure that their study process is more successful. Association is probably the most effective and important learning techniques. Mnemonics are often used during association technique. Another proper study technique is thinking in pictures. This technique is more appropriate for students who have excellent visualization technique. Students should always to think consciously with pictures or images. Students could play slow music to reduce the brain waves frequency, so they are able to absorb information easily.

Students should have proper study methods and this is the only way they can perform well during an exam. Study skills are important that we may need to allocate enough time to learn them. We may learn study skills during long holiday or when we just start high school or college. If we can keep on using study skills, we don’t need to perform regular practices. Study skills should follow correct pattern and memory consolidation can be enhanced significantly. With an effective study skill, time we spend on learning can be reduced dramatically.  It is important to set up timetable to allow us designate separate learning sessions in each day. As an example, study period can be 30 minute each or more , depending on our preferences and situations.

We should know how much information that can be absorbed in each learning session. In fact, a learning session should be brief enough as long as we are able to absorb plenty of information. Once students are involved in full study sessions, they should be able to study much more effectively. After a session in the class, all things that they learn should be thoroughly re-studied and summarized. Students can review for 5 minutes after each learning session and this could allow them to summarize everything. After 24 hours, there should be 30 minute of review session to make sure that much of the information can be absorbed properly. Review can be performed after one week or one month. It is important that students know how to solidify any information in their mind.

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