How To Keep Your Desk Clean & Organized

Did you know that there is a direct correlation between productivity and a clean, organised environment ? Sure, you may always joke about how much of a “mess” your desk is, or even casually refer to it as an “organized mess” but the fact is a messy desk is impeding your ability to get work done. A clean, clutter free space is essential for creative juices to flow. As well as this, messy desk don’t exactly look all that great if you have clients visiting the office either! Here are some simple tips to help you to keep your desk clean and organised….and enjoy increased productivity as a result.

Only Keep Frequently Used Items on the Desk

Take a look at your desk – how often do you use the items on your desk throughout the day? At all times, the only items that should be on your desk are those which you intend to use within the next hour or so. Otherwise, place all other items in your desk drawers. These items will still be close to hand, without causing unnecessary clutter on your desk. You don’t really need a lip balm or hand cream on your desk all day either! The more space you have on your desk, the more productive your environment.

How To Keep Your Desk Clean & Organized

Use a Desk Tidy or Organizer

Items like pens, highlighters, pencils and even a calculator are useful to have immediately to hand at all times. For important items, use a desk tidy to keep them organised and stored neatly. Desk tidies come in all shapes and sizes and can in fact serve as a decorative piece for your desk as well as serving a very useful purpose as a storage solution. If you want to keep refill pads, files or notepads close to hand, you can do using a letter tray or desk organizer.

Don’t Eat at Your Desk

The majority of office workers are guilty of eating at their desk at least from time to time. As long as you eat at your desk, it will be difficult to keep clean. You may soon find that your desk has tea/coffee mug stains and crumbs stuck in the crevices of your keyboard and even your mouse. Removing food from the crevices of your keyboard can be incredibly difficult. The longer food crumbs stay in the crevices of your hardware, the more unhygienic your desk environment becomes.

Clean Before You Leave

Get into a habit of giving your desk a quick clean before you leave for home each evening. Tidy up any items on your desk. Take a screen wipe to your computer screen, mouse, phone and keyboard. It will only take a matter of minutes, but you can then start the next day with the most productive environment possible.

Keeping a clean desk and working environment isn’t and shouldn’t be a big deal – especially if the end result is a more productive workday on your behalf. In addition to keeping your own desk clean, your employer should be engaging the services of a contract cleaning/office cleaning company like Emerald Facility Services.

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