Kairos Global Summit Bring Together Industry Leaders and Young Entrepreneurs

Are you looking for the next high technology with disruptive potential? The recent Kairos Global Summit has given an embarrassment of riches. The meeting was conducted at the Ritz- Carlton in Laguna Niguel, California. This private event bought together more than 350 of the world’s famous and brightest college’s entrepreneurs from the 43 counties all over the world.

Many attendees are the founders of ingenious start-ups solving the world problems with the prospective to have a big impact. In several cases, they are young entrepreneurs who are currently working on the next useful ideas in the Internet of Everything ( IoE) and the Internet of Things (IoT) which would be $19 million international opportunity over the next decade. Their innovations can be the future diruptors of the big data analytics, IoT/IoE landscape, mobile, security, cloud and various other areas.

Kairos Global Summit Bring Together Industry Leaders and Young Entrepreneurs

Now Cisco is associated with the Kairos Society for the current summit. The company want to enlarge its ecosystem by clutching entrepreneurs who are spouting into these key strategic areas. More broadly, Cisco really wants to elevate select start-ups by going through its one year old program, Cisco EIR.

Cisco EIR is mainly a program which can help you find and attract innovators in the IoE/IoT space and various other related spaces and tapping them into the innovations, get them in, connect them with our channels, connect them with the technology arms, our customers and as vital, meet them with our possible capabilities to unlock the market easily.

The EIR program will help Cisco to get a peek into the early stage as many of them would be completely unknown to Cisco. It would also give the shape ideas ability which can become inventive to the company’s future in IoE and IoT.

Cisco EIR admitted its six entrepreneur’s first cohort in March 2014 and is now involve in selecting the next group. The program will provide multiple benefits in many ways; it will help them to scale quickly; it offers support in the infrastructure, such as basic software tools and working space; and most vital, it provides access to Cisco; its product manages, engineering groups, customers and partners worldwide as well as mentorship from the executives.

The uniqueness which Cisco EIR bring would be on the top and the industry relevance as they are the highest in the industry. The second aspects would be the interactions among customers as they have many customers worldwide. The third differentiator would be partnering of Cisco with you and take your products to market faster because their marketing and sales is phenomenal.

According to CEO Eugene Mazo, this program has given tremendous boost to the company which provides a platform and drive device connectivity for building IoE/IoT applications. The Cisco EIR program has helped many people and opened many doors and opportunities within and outside Cisco in the company eco-system.

If you still have any queries or want to know more about Karios Global Summit, then you can read more here for the relevant vital details.

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