How to Interact Smartly and Deliver Greater ROI?

The budget that businesses set for marketing has been increasing for a while, and now is the time to leverage the rich data and insights generated by the customer support using phones and live chat.

With the right data, you can certainly improve your website’s customer experience, conversion rates, and return on investments (ROI).

In an era full of technology readily available, one can easily overlook the human connections in marketing. Yet! Consumers will always prefer talking or chatting directly to another human. No matter how famous you are or how sophisticated your predictive models are, you cannot determine if someone would ready buy from you until you take the phone and speak with him or her.

How about mixing them together? What if we can use the digital technology for improving the experience and effectivity of human interaction? What if you could use big data and cater to all customer requests in a personalized way?

Keeping your conversations more data driven can drive your conversions, amplify your ROI and keep your customers happy.

Connected Conversations and Big Data

Your business development teams should have the right information and analytics when they’re making outbound calls or responding to inbound inquiries. Whether they are using the phone or an online chat support software to connect with a customer, they should know everything possible about who they are selling services to and guiding. This helps them anticipate the conversation and derive better solutions for them. They can easily decide on which questions to ask, which incentive or promotion to recommend, and what extra data to gather.

With the right knowledge available, you can radically enhance both the efficiency and successrate of a representative. Marketers today can possibly increase ROI with client interaction in various ways:

Improved Targeting

With the help of smart analysts, lead scoring, and identifying the database segments, you can easily engage and convert. Just calling a cold list may not make reps more effective. They will be capable of engaging the prospective buyers in a more significant way as well, as they will have a prior idea of what they most likely need.


One of the most widely reported complaints consumers make is that salespersons are not ‘connected’ with their problems and they have to repeat themselves repeatedly. If they talk to two different people, concluded learnings from the first chat are rarely executed to the second. A measured, methodical approach to customer data gathering can ensure every conversation – whether it is done over the internet, over the phone, or in person – builds on the previous and moves the interaction forward.

Better Response

The rich, qualitative data collected from calls can be effective in adapting or refining messaging and content to satisfy previously unidentified needs. When stored in a structured way, information can be used to power highly targeted digital activity. The online chat agents and call support teams can take advantage from instant feedback on the website experience via live chat.

Connected conversions can be helpful. What do you people think? Are there other ideas that are looming over your mind? Don’t let them be in your mind?

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