How Much Is It: TOP 7 High-Priced Fitness Clubs In The World

Fitness becomes the big part of our life. More and more people start visiting fitness clubs. They take care of their menu and health. So, fitness industry can be divided into elite and mid-ranking. It is not enough for clients to come to the fitness-hall to train for half an hour and go back home. Rich people need high service, much attention, privacy. You have a chance to meet TOP the most expensive fitness-clubs in the world.

Houstonian Fitness Club, Houston, Texas

The price for the annual pass is $24,000

The club was opened in 1980 to be one of the biggest fitness-clubs in the USA. The territory of the club is more than 12 000 square meters. You can find everything here that modern people need racing track, tennis courts, new equipment, and special halls to organize fitness seminars and master-classes, territory for kids. The prices for year payment are different. Nevertheless, you have to pay about 24 000 to become the member of the club and use all blessings of civilization.

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Madison Square Club, New York, USA

The price for the annual pass is $25,000

One of the most expensive and flashy sport clubs for rich and famous people is situated in the center of New York. It looks like a big villa but not as a fitness center. The club owner is famous fitness instructor David Kirsch – the author of interesting and effective training methods. Kirsch is the personal trainer of many famous people, local celebrities, and movie stars. The price policy of the club is rather accurate and loyal to every client. Actually, you can get training even for 100 dollars in your pocket. The membership costs about 25 000.

E at Equinox, New York, USA

The price for the annual pass is $26,000

The other popular fitness center is also situated in New York. E at Equinox is the main club that was the motherland of the clubs all over the territory of the USA. They are more than 32 in New York and 81 in the USA. E at Equinox is the chain of clubs with different fitness services. Actually, there is nothing special or new. The list of services is wide and the service is high but nothing out of the ordinary. How much is it? The maximum price is 26 0000 dollars.

EXOS, Phoenix, Arizona

The price for the annual pass is $30,000

The first EXOS club was founded in 1999. Today EXOS is the big chain of fitness clubs in the USA. They are 11 all over the country. Actually, they do not need more buildings as they have many elite clients. The price for the annual pass is 30 000 dollars. This is not the biggest price, but high enough to be the record high price for the USA. The huge territory is full of basketball grounds, swimming pool, American Football field, gym.

Wellness Sky, Belgrade, Serbia

The price for the annual pass is $30,000

Meet the worthy competitor for EXOS – Wellness Sky. It is situated not in the USA or Great Britain. The fitness center is located in Serbia in the building of the restaurant. The facade design is not impressive. It is interesting inside. So, visiting Belgrade, you have to train hard in one of the most expensive fitness centers of the world.

Venice Beach, Dubai Beach, UAE

The fitness center is located in the open air in the territory of the lux hotel Jumeirah Beach Residence. You can find everything you need for good training here. There is also an opportunity to train under the careful eye of personal trainer. The idea to organize open air gym in Dubai is new. The prototype of it is the world popular beach Muscle Beach that is located in the USA, Los Angeles. The most of people think that this kind of training is mostly preferable for heavy weights. That is not true. You can easily come to get some training and ask for the individual training program.

The experienced trainers can help you to make the individual training program according to your preferences and characteristics. If it is too hot for you on the beach, you may use special tent or airing system. The summer months are recommended to train in the evening. The high temperature is not useful for effective training process to be very dangerous for both, newcomers and experienced sportsmen. The administration of the Venice Beach recommends to all visitors to use sun protective oils and creams. The club is not the most expensive in the city but very impressive and new for Dubai.

Talise Fitness Burj Al Arab, Dubai, UAE

The hotels of Dubai differ with their lux and elegant atmosphere. All city hotels offers free sport clubs for the hotel guests. Of course, you can always buy the annual pass for high price. You may hire a car in Dubai and got to see the city hotels. They look great. As you can see, the fitness clubs of each hotel are characterized as lux class establishments. If you want to try the best of the best, you should go to the Burj Al Arab Hotel. It offers individual approach and ritzy conditions for every client.

The club is equipped with high class fitness and SPA equipment. This is favorable place where you can enjoy sport for big money with the help of your personal trainer.


If you want to try something strange and unusual, you can try climbing. It is better to say wall climbing. It is not difficult to learn climbing inside.  This is a good platform for kids and adults to train to climb up and down over the walls of the Pharaohs Club. All you need is just picking up the program you like and go ahead! Dubai is a place for sport experiments for big money!

So, how much do you pay for the gym in your city? It is not expensive if you can compare it with the TOP money-taking sport centers of the world.

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