How to Deal With Fear of School?

Many parents are concerned that their children are unwilling or afraid to go to schools. This could affect young kindergarten kids to young adults who are about to go to college. New schools can be intimidating students because they face a relatively unknown environment. There could be a combination of factors that cause students to get afraid of something. In this case, parents should try to get to the root of the problem, so they are able to find proper solutions. Young children may act unusually when it’s time to go to schools, such as sobbing or complete defiance. When children do this, they are actually nervous about going to school, especially if they are comfortable inside the house. Fear is often the probable culprit of this problem. A good approach is by being communicative and calm. Children won’t respond well if parents only bark orders uncompromisingly.

It is important for children to become comfortable and feel calmer about going to school. With enough patience, this problem can solved more easily. Parents should talk to children and ask about things that make them afraid. There could be academic or peer-related issues that parents need to discover. After children are being honest about their conditions, it is much easier for parents to provide solutions. Parents need to talk about each factor that cause anxiety. There may not be direct solutions for each factor, but parents could provide different point of views to deal with these factors. Alternative perspective can make children more confident in schools, regardless of the problems that they face. Parents should reinforce the new point of views, so children could stay confident.

Fear of school could happen to children who were previously confident about going to school, but start to show constant and intense resistance. In this case, parents should ask whether there is something or somebody that causes students to become uncomfortable. There could be changes in schools that may make students uncomfortable. As an example, students could have significant educational burden. Threats, bullies and mean-looking teachers could cause children to become uncomfortable at school. In this case, parents may ask school counselors for helps so positive communication with other students and specific teachers can be established. It is important for students to have non-offensive and rational discussions with with their parents. Children should know what actions that they need to take.

Tests could also cause problems among students and parents should ask whether children already have a test. Parents should encourage children to express any dissatisfaction about things in the school. It is possible that children are seeing things in a wrong way and parents can correct them. Accountability is also an essential thing and it’s important to make sure that children don’t repeat specific mistakes. In many cases, fear have its own unique reasons, depending on the individual. Lines of communication with children should be kept open and parents shouldn’t force children to enter a new environment without emotional support.

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