How Life in College Could Affect Adult Life?

People often go to popular colleges and universities to allow them to work at big companies and corporate. However, the life at college can be quite challenging and there are things that students should know. The drop out rate at college can be quite high at some areas. In fact, it could reach a near-epidemic level. There are different reasons for this. As an example, students may not be able to deal with the challenges. Students could also find that loans have become more expensive and they have risen steadily. Most students need financial aids to attend and complete their college education. The average duration of time in college can be about 4 years or more, depending on the student’s situation.

In some cases, students need to spend six years or more to complete their education. This could cause them to spend too much money. One of the most important goals is to make sure that the college education can be completed at the shortest possible time. Students who don’t have proper goals may find it difficult to complete their education at the designated time. It is important to know that earning a degree doesn’t guarantee better success at work. However, it is less likely for people who perform poorly at college to have good career. Some drop-outs could become billionaires, like Bill Gates, but it is likely for them to have mediocre or less than satisfactory achievements at work.

Drop-outs can be forced to accept minimum wage jobs to cover their daily expenses. Although it is possible for them to achieve good career, they would need to work harder because they start from lower positions. Also, if people can’t deal with challenges at college, they may not be able to face similar challenges at work. In general, college life is an early simulation of what students would need to face in real corporate life. They need to work hard and compete with other students to gain grants, scholarships and other perks. The lack of money could be seen as detrimental for the overall progress of education, so it is important to make sure students are able to gain financial support whenever they can.

Students who perform well at college are more likely to perform well at work and this will allow them to achieve significant financial gains. However, it is important to make sure that students choose the right kind of majors, because due to technological changes, some skills and expertise could become obsolete in just a few years. A large percentage of students don’t get first jobs that are relevant with their majors. There are also social challenges in college. As young adults with newfound freedom, many students succumb to alcohol and drug abuse, causing significant decline in educational performance. When the problem is severe enough, students could leave college and have further difficulties in life. Student loan and the lack of ability to gain financial help could lead to bankruptcy among young professionals, especially if they also have credit card debts, mortgage and car loans.

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