Are Your Business Banners Speaking to Your Audience?

Across the whole of your marketing spectrum you need to make sure that you are speaking directly to your audience. First of all you must, of course, know who your audience is. But after this crucial piece of the puzzle has fallen into place you must use all your marketing materials to effectively address this audience.


Are your Pop up Banners effectively speaking to the right audience? It’s easy to assume that they are, given that you have a professionally designed banner that makes effective use of colour, text and design. But different audiences need different tactics. Here are a few ideas for targeting different audiences with banner design.

Targeting Children and Young People

Your banners must, when you are communicating with young people and children, be entertaining and easy to access. Simple design, appealing images, fun text and even something funny or dramatic will get young people’s attention. Use characters, fonts, and images that children will identify with. Your logo should be kept small, and keep the focus on your message so that young people are immediately attracted to the banner. Keep colours bold and text to a minimum.

Roll up Banners are ideal for captivating the attention of young people and children – they are easy to design and make so you can quickly change designs to keep up with the latest fashions and trends. You can use a range of different banners displaying the same range of characters in order to sustain interest and invite children to find out more. You can also find things like double sided pull up banners that give you more space to show off your bright images and art work that directly appeal to children.

Attracting Adults

When you are marketing to adults they tend to be more goal-oriented and in need of information that helps them run their lives and solve their problems. You need to focus more on the idea that your message offers a solution, even if this solution is simply a fun distraction. You can use more text on Pull up banners for adults, but you still shouldn’t go overboard on text and the main message should be clearly visible. Images are important and you need to make a big statement as adults are clearly used to seeing a lot of advertising and banner images every moment of the day when they are working or outside.

A More Mature Audience

If you are marketing to a mature age range remember that this group wants memorable, simple, bold and effective advertising that solves their own specific problems. As with advertising on banners for children, do not patronise or dumb-down. Present your products with confidence and style.

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