How Does KhelChamps Promote Fair Gaming in Online Cricket?

KhelChamps is one of the reliable fantasy cricket online platforms, which allows people to use their cricketing knowledge to play cricket matches on the internet. It is a skill-based site, which is in accordance with the Indian laws. Remember, it is not luck or fluke that will get you to win matches with your knowledge about the game and the cricketers. You have to apply your knowledge at its best to maximize the chances of winning. Any cash reward can be transferred to your own bank account.

Here are some of the reasons why you should play on KhelChamps and how this website promotes fair-play among users.

  1. Verified Users

Only genuine users are allowed to play on KhelChamps. The platform has strict protocols and policies in place for withdrawal of winnings. You as a user must verify your account by providing valid government authorized ID proof (PAN card) and bank account information. The documents are verified before processing the payouts. It is important to complete the documentation process. This cannot be avoided and payment will not be processed without verification of your personal details.

  1. Credits and Players

Every user selecting a fantasy cricket team receives 100 credits. The credits needed to select a player are specified for every match and contest. The pricing of each player will not change based on his performance or real-life team during a match or a contest. You can readily access database of players and take a decision as to whom to select to form teams.

You cannot add a new player who is not already available on the database. You have to follow the rules of the gaming platform when selecting players for respective teams. The rules are regarding minimum/maximum number of bowlers, all-rounders, batsmen, wicket-keeper, allowed per team and limits on number of players to be selected for a real life team.

  1. Deadline for Contests and Matches

KhelChamps has a set deadline and start-time for the matches and contests across all cricket formats.  The deadline ensures a continued level playing field for the users. So, if you miss the deadline of a game, you will miss out playing the match. It is best to keep a note of the timing and make it to the game before no new members are accepted on board.

Also, the teams cannot be edited or updated after the deadline of a particular match. You can keep a track of your competition and check out all the saved teams in a contest. This will help you to play on fantasy cricket app without worrying about any changes in teams after the deadline.

  1. Complete Privacy and Protection

You can trust the website and app with your bank details and documents such as PAN Card. These are never shared with any unconcerned agent or party. The details in your profile are also for your personal use. The platform ensures that you have access to your account after registration. You can control and manage your profile as per requirement. Verification process undertaken is never disclosed to anyone else.

  1. Winnings and Payouts

The declaration of winners follows a transparent process. KhelChamps has a dynamic scoring system in place to calculate points. This is displayed on the platform and is not hidden information. If you play fantasy cricket and win cash daily, you can be sure of receiving the promised payout, as mentioned in the match/contest detail. The winnings are promptly credited to your account. The payment gateways are secured and provide safety for all financial transactions.

  1. Playing Responsibly

KhelChamps requires you to be above 18 years of the age to play cricket on the site. No form of illicit activity, fixing, or illegal play is entertained here and there are enough precautions taken to enforce these principles. Every user is treated equally and can get in touch with customer support team as per need and suitability. The platform does not allow cash transactions, nor promotes the same.

So, if you wish to play your favourite cricket game on the internet, do not hesitate but sign up with KhelChamps and enjoy a thrilling match by taking part in interesting series, tournaments, and contests.

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