Tricks to Increase Team Points in Fantasy Cricket

Everything is online today and it is not surprising that many age-old favourites are taking an online form. People today are not very familiar with running games. They prefer to spend the few minutes break time on their smart phone devices playing their favourite games. While the medium used for playing these games have changed, the favourites still hold their position online or offline. It is not surprising that Cricket holds the same fervour in the minds of online players as it did otherwise.

If you are one of those merry office goers who spend their free time playing cricket on Khelchamps, we can help you with a few quick tips. We have devised these tips to help you increase the team points so that you win in your favourite game online.

Batsmen Contribute to Points of The Team Heavily

If you check the rules of Fantasy Cricket, you will easily learn that batsmen have a great role to play in contributing points. Here are some instances when a batsman’s performance can impact the team’s score:

  • Team gets bonus when the batsman hits a boundary
  • Team gets bonus points when the batsman hits a six
  • Team gets bonus points when the batsman hits a half century
  • Team gets bonus points when batsman hits a century
  • The points scored by the team are more when the captain or vice-captain makes runs

The Bowlers Too Have a Good Role to Play

The above list may give you a feeling that a good cricket team is made from good batsmen but this is not completely true. Bowlers and fielders also contribute to the overall points gained by the team. Never underestimate them if you wish to make it big on Fantasy Cricket. Here we have listed out a few occasions where the bowlers and fielders contribute to the team points:

  • A bowler earns his team points when he takes a wicket
  • A bowler earns points for the team when he bowls a maiden over
  • A bowler also earns ‘4 wicket haul’ bonus for the team
  • A fielder who catches a ball to get the batsman out also earns points for the team
  • A fielder wins some points for the team when he makes the batsman run-out
  • A fielder also gains some points for the team when he stumps out the batsman

Apart from these, a batsman can get some bonuses for the team by maintaining a high strike rate. The rules above make it evident how the choice of a good team can be a crucial step in winning or losing the cricket match. The rules vary slightly for one day match, T20 cricket and for test match.

Some Personal Piece of Advice

While a good cricket player may feel confident to play and win once he has read the rules, it goes without saying that practice is the key. What seems to be easy may not always be so. You need to take time to get acquainted with the gadget and play your favourite field game online. This will help you understand what you have read about online cricket in a better manner. You will also be able to know if there are some queries in your mind that you never realised existed. If such queries arise, you must go ahead and ask these queries on the live chat forum.

Khelchamps has a FAQ section to tackle all the major queries that may arise in the minds of the players. Read through this and if there are still other queries unanswered, go ahead and ask those queries. Play cricket online on a real tournament only once all your doubts have been erased.


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