How Can A Lawyer Help You After A Truck Accident?

This is a followup to our July article, “When Does a Fender Bender Need a Lawyer?”

Trucking accidents are not only devastating physically and mentally but also they are financially devastating. If you were recently involved in a trucking accident, you may have to contact an attorney. Here’s how he can help you.

File a Personal Injury Case

If the trucking incident that you were involved in happened because of neglect, and you received an injury, an attorney can file a personal injury claim for you. A personal injury claim settlement can pay for your medical bills as well as your auto repairs and more. if the incident was severe, the attorney may be able to ask for punitive damages to cover your pain and suffering and deter the other party from making the same mistake twice.

Talk to the Insurance Company

Insurance companies are supposed to make the right decision when an accident occurs. They are supposed to examine the situation and make sure they make the appropriate person accountable for the incident. Sometimes, insurance providers make a bad choice, and the victim ends up being accused of causing the problem. An attorney can help you if someone is blaming you for an accident or refusing to pay for the repairs on your car.

Try to Settle out of Court

If your case is of the personal injury type, your attorney can try to get your funds faster by talking to the other party and trying to negotiate an out-of-court settlement for you. The other party may agree to such a settlement if someone within that group feels responsible for the incident. The offender may not want the situation to advance to media representation and may agree to settle because of that.

Defend You If You Are an Alleged Offender

Finally, if you are the individual that the courts are viewing as the offender, you may want to speak to an attorney who can fight to defend you in this matter. The accusatory person will be stuck with the burden of proof in the matter, and your attorney will find creative reasons that you are not at fault for the incident.

Setting up an appointment to speak with a specialist is as easy as picking up the phone and dialing a dedicated number. Just tell the attorney that you would like representation and explain the type of representation you want. Your initial consultation will determine whether or not your case is viable enough to move forward, or if the attorney can defend you in the case where someone is accusing you of causing an accident.


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