Public Relations and Impressions – What to Avoid

The task of a public relations officer is far more complicated than we think. Your communication and negotiation skills, as well as your ability to organize and choose the right channels are the basis for a successful PR campaign. The relationship between a public relations agency and the media is so delicate that a minute error could prevent an entire event or press release from being taken into account by the editors or reporters. Anthony Bailey Consulting, a leading PR consulting agency that is headed by Anthony Bailey Consulting, has been handling different accounts for various companies. They recommend that you avoid making the following few mistakes while running a PR campaign.

Bad time management:  An event should not be planned with only a couple of weeks in hand. In addition to all the logistics that an event requires, it is necessary to think about the media agenda well beforehand. Editors and reporters have very tight schedules as they receive multiple invitations every day.

Overconfidence: If you think inviting 20 media personnel at a PR event is enough, you are wrong. There is a rule among the agencies that says: “Invite 50 media, confirm 30 and reach 10”. In other words, you need to invite a maximum amount of personnel, as only a mere few of them will show up.

Lack of follow-up: An email is not enough to convince a reporter to attend your event. It is necessary to follow up. Talk to them via phone, tell them about the benefits and the type of information they will find. Offer exclusive interviews and make the editor or reporter feel that his presence is really important.

To choose a poor press company: This is a basic error. Every agency must have a large contact base to find the right media. Sometimes media is invited, but it does not cover the event that you have organized. This will lose the entire impact you are trying to make with your PR event.

Create a Good Presentation: It is crucial that you create a good presentation for the event. If you take examples of all the major companies like Tesla, Apple, Samsung, and many others, you will realize that they all pay close attention to the manner in which their presentations are held. If you want more and more press personnel to talk about your products or services, you need to make sure that you choreograph a solid presentation.

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