Health Benefits Of Garlic

Garlic is known for its immense benefits for our health. If we can get past the odor, we would obtain plenty of good benefits from it. In this case, we should look for daily regimen of fresh garlic or concentrated garlic in supplements. Benefits of garlic have been proven in various studies and it is considered as an herb with significant nutritive value and healing properties. It contains plenty of amino acids and a unique substance, called allicin. It is an amino acid derivative that is believed to provide much of garlic’s health benefits. Garlic offers a wide range of trace minerals, such as magnesium, iron, selenium, germanium, zinc and copper. We could also get beneficial sulphuric compounds, vitamin A and vitamin C, the former is able to bind to toxins and heavy metals in the liver for immediate disposal. For millennia, garlic has been used to manage fungal, bacterial and viral infections. It could also address intestinal parasites and wounds. We would be able to speed up metabolism and fat burning process.

Health Benefits Of Garlic

Other than as a healthy food, garlic is also an immune system boosted and a fighting agent that can neutralize free radicals. Allicin in garlic is responsible for the characteristic odor, which smells somewhat sulphuric. Allicin travels through our bloodstream and it could make our breath and perspiration smell pungent, if we consume enough raw garlic. If we want to avoid the pungent smell, we could choose garlic supplements and good brands should provide much of the benefits of the fresh garlic cloves. Supplements are more tolerable among garlic-sensitive individuals. Garlic pills should be able to minimize odor and taste and they usually come in different forms. There are different types of garlic supplements, such as odourless garlic pills, aged garlic extract, allicin-stabilized pills, garlic oil capsules and encapsulated powdered garlic. There’s an ongoing debate among health enthusiasts, who argue that garlic supplements won’t be absorbed efficiently by our body.

Regardless of the type of garlic intake, we should consume it regularly for at least one month, before we get a noticeable result. When choosing garlic supplements, we should avoid the odourless one, because it is considered as less effective, due to the absence of allicin. With good garlic supplementation, the level of serum cholesterol can be controlled. Garlic is also able to reduce the level of homocystein in our blood and it is a type of amino acid that’s related to incidence of heart disease. It appears that high level of homocystein will increase the risk of heart problems. Regular consumption of garlic is also credited for the reduction of plaque buildup on our arterial walls. The presence of hydrogen sulphide we get from garlic is also able to increase the rate of circulation. Hydrogen sulphide is also useful for improved signalling between cells. Garlic is able to stimulate the leukocytes activities and this will result in increased immune system. People who are suffering from colds and flu should also consume enough garlic.

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