From Red To Blue And everything In-between – Know Your Motorcycle Cycle Racing Flags

One of the most exciting contests ever is the motorcycle racing. If you have noticed clearly there are different flags waved during the competition. These flags are of different colours and signify different meanings depending on the way they are waved. Check out the different flags and their meanings as briefed out below:

  1. Red flag – Red signifies serious or dangerous conditions. When a red flag is waved, the racers should get back slowly to the pits. Some of the reasons why a red flag is waved are serious accidents, rain, darkness, fire, crash etc. For example: When a serious accident has occurred, it requires enough time in cleaning up the place and thus a red flag is waved.
  2. Green flag – Green signifies the start or begin. During the competition, a green flag is usually waved at the end of a temporary delay or a caution period. This, in turn, indicates that the race is restarting sooner. When a green flag is waved at the marshalling post it may indicate the end of yellow flag zone.
  3. Yellow flag – Yellow signifies caution or warning. Waving of the yellow flag indicates the racer to slow down due to dangers on the track like rain, debris, accident, stopped car etc. When a single yellow flag is waved it indicates hazards on the racing surface. If two yellow flags are waved at the same time it indicates blocks on the racing tracks. This may require the racer to stop if necessary.
  4. Red flag with yellow stripes – A red flag with vertical yellow stripes signifies ‘surface flag’. When this flag is waved, it indicates that the racer might lose grip due to track conditions like oil, grease, debris and sand etc. Hence, the racer needs to be cautious while riding the bike.
  5. White flag – White flag signifies that a safety vehicle or a slow moving safety vehicle is on track. The white flag is waved when the track is clear and ready for racing.
  6. Black flag – Black indicates the racer to get back to pit. This flag is waved in three stages to indicate: warning, one-lap penalty and disqualification. It is also waved when the racer disobeys the rules by crossing the speed limits or when the bike suffers a mechanical failure leading to potential hazards.
  7. The black flag with an orange circle – This flag signifies internal dangers because of mechanical failure. When the racers bike suffers serious mechanical failure or loose bodywork – a black flag with an orange circle in the centre can be waved to indicate risks for other competitors.
  8. The Chequered black and white flag – This flag usually signifies that the race has officially ended at the start or the finish line. The racers need to slow down to normal speed to get back to their garage or paddock.
  9. Blue flag – Blue indicates the racer to move aside to make way for the fast-moving vehicles. However, in most of the races, the blue flag is not compulsory.

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