Exclusive Features Of First & Second Car Service

For most of us, cars are the most treasured possession, essential for travel convenience and rather a worthy investment! Without cars, travelling to work, taking children to school, visit our beloved and so much more becomes extremely difficult; not to mention tiring and time taking.

To ensure you get the correct level of car care and maintenance at all stages of its life, understand the basics of car service in Dubai is crucial. Here’s what you should know of first and second service concerning your lovable vehicle.

First service

  • New cars

If yours is a brand new vehicle, first service is likely scheduled 12-months after the purchase or perhaps on covering defined mileage limit that can be anywhere from 10,000 to 15,000 miles. Note that mileage count differs between manufacturers but, listed in the handbook which come along with the car.

You may realise that initial or first service is rather a requirement of the warranty though; you aren’t limited having the vehicle serviced only at the manufacturer. Independent garages and repairs service stations are good however; do heed manufacturer’s recommendation for ultimate safety as well as to have the job done well.

In case you perform any tweaks by yourself whether minor or major would annul the warranty so, always let the manufacturer or professional car care service carry out the task. It’ll comprise oil and filter change with possibility to change the air filter as well. Since the vehicle is entirely new, procedure is rather basic and executed without asking too much from your pocketbook.

Exclusive Features Of First & Second Car Service

  • Used cars

In case you’re buying a used car, it’s likely to require a proper do-over before you receive the keys. Still, taking a used vehicle to the first professional service repairs raises tension concerned especially with finances. It’s surely to be more comprehensive and detailed as compared to the new vehicle whereas things would’ve been worse if it were an older model.

Most of the discreet garages offer two options namely interim/short-term and fulltime/comprehensive detailing. Both are usually due after 12-months or when the vehicle achieves 12,000 miles. Choice of service is yours to decide but motorists usually prefer full detailing instead of frequent work-ups that are time taking as well as heavier on the budget especially if you gauge the total charges.

An automobile mechanic or expert carefully evaluate the tyres, braking mechanism, fluids and filters to perform necessary treatment, thus avoiding long-term and costly issues. Depends on your driving habits and the environment, a car may require servicing before the prescribed due date. Some of the owners are likely to have the brakes, fan belts and air-conditioning mechanism checked separately.

Second service

Second service is due after passing of the first 12-months or a predefined mileage has been achieved. Keeping track of the due service isn’t too difficult especially if yours is a vehicle with modern features like LCD screen that flashes automatically thereby alerting driver. Options offered under second car service in Dubai or wherever you’re taking the vehicle for inspection include;

  • Oil and filter change
  • Tyres
  • Brake and lighting mechanism
  • Coolant level, brake fluid, windscreen wash and power steering fluid
  • Bulbs and wipers


Get done with the essential car services to ensure optimum performance and maintenance overtime.

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