A Survival Guide For Aussie Roadtrips

There really isn’t anything like an Australian roadtrip. From amazing outdoor adventures to hopping the country’s cities and towns, the open road here is just a treasure-trove off sights and adventures. While many roadtrips are well-planned ahead of time, if you live in Australia you will no doubt fall into a spontaneous journey every now and again. Setting out on the open road with little notice is an Australian tradition, but you don’t want to head out unprepared. This is why you need to keep in mind some basic items and strategies to keep in mind before you set out in your campervan hire and hit the road.

Warm Clothes And Blankets

Even if it’s the dead of summer, never forget to pack some warm clothes and blankets for your trip. You never know when the temperature is going to plummet due to a storm or elevation, and you may become stranded due to an accident, breakdown, or bad driving conditions. In these situations, you will be more than relieved that you remembered to pack some warm items.

Non-Perishable Food

It is always advisable to bring some canned foods and non-perishable items like bags of nuts when you hit the road. Chances are you won’t need them, but should worse come to worse and you get stranded along the road or run out of food in a tough terrain, then these non-perishable food items can be a lifesaver indeed.


We all know that renting gear for outdoor activities can be very expensive. This is why you should always try to pack any gear you may need along the way. For example, if you’re planning on hitting up that surf spot, then by all means toss a board in the old campervan instead of renting one. Also make sure to bring swim gear since you never know when you’ll need it, not to mention the proper footwear for any activities you may have.


Nobody uses maps any more. These days travelling is all about the GPS and smartphones, so be sure to have as many charges as you have devices out on the road. There is nothing worse than getting lost and finding that your main navigating tool, your phone, is about to run out of charge. For this purpose you should invest in a multi-charger, which will come with enough ports to hook up all your devices and keep them charged throughout the trip.

First Aid

This is the thing people forget the most, even though it will come in handy in many situations and in some cases save your life. Consider that you will be travelling in some remote areas and also doing outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. In many cases you will be miles from the nearest hospital, so a simple first aid kit is incredibly important to have around. Fortunately, a kit is not too bulky and can fit right into your glove box or under a seat.

Spontaneous road trips are all about fun, so make sure that nothing puts a damper on your good times by making sure to bring these survival essentials.

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