Experience Ski Adventures In Himalayas

Are you a lover of extreme sports and like climbing glacial mountains? The solution is here for you Himalayas is a rich and ultimate destination for skiing adventures. Skiing activities are best done at the top ranges of the Himalayas. Get a chance to indulge in climbing and trekking experience in Himalayas this coming vacation. Make it happen not just a holiday but something worth remembering. There are quite a number of skiing spots in Himalayas and they include the following:

Gulmarg Ski Resort

A Love heights so much? This site is appropriate for you .This is the resort with the most dangling heights rising up to 2213 meters above the sea level. Did you know that this is the best skiing resort in Himalayas? It is located in Baramula district and 56 kilometers away from Srinagar. It is strategically connected to the airport in Bad gam District. A Gulmarg has quite a lot of Geography to study. There is quite a large amounts of snowfalls found in this spot facilitating .Heli skiing and other sporting activities.

Experience Ski Adventures In Himalayas

Manali Skiing Resort

This is one of the best skiing spots in Himalayas offering quite a number of skiing packages. It involved helicopters that drop skiers from great heights as high as 6500 meters to mountain peaks. High peaks in this region have led to the reduction of wind speed and consequently formation of powdery snow. Packages offered here include group skiing especially for the teenagers to help the inexperienced skiers.

Uttarakhand Garhwal and Kumaon

There are immense skiing and thrilling water sporting opportunities in this region which has made it become an ultimate destination for adventure lovers. The seasonal snow combined with larger slopes of Garhwal and Kumaon makes it ideal for the cross country and skiing to heights of 10-20 km. Nonetheless, there are skiing courses at Auli offered by qualified ski instructors. Do not afford to miss the thrilling skiing adventure at this spot because there are lots of panoramic deals for you

Chandrakhani Pass Trek skiing Spot

Experience the great view of Pin Parvati and Deo Tibba mountain ranges. Get to ski along the ancient Valley of Gods which dates back many centuries ago. Besides, you will not miss to learn on the ancient culture of the people of Malana Village which they still adhere to their own ways up to now. There are quite a number of stunning views in the valley of Gods which takes your skiing to greater heights.

Skiing is one best way to adventure the extremities in sports as well as creating a life remembrance venture for you as a lover of extreme sports. Himalayas is the most appropriate for you as your safety is always the first consideration here. Choose between Normal skiing and Helicopter skiing as these are the common skiing activities done here. Get an experience that you will remember in your life today by engaging yourself there one of these vacations. Before traveling there, always remember to apply for your Indian visas as this will aid you explore the area well without any restrictions.

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