Top 5 Tyre Brands For Motor Racing

Motor racing is a great event. It involves an expression of various motor vehicle brands and their ability to overcome varying terrains and sustain stability while driving at top speed. If you are involved in such an undertaking it is important to take into consideration the top 5 tyre brands for motor racing.

The tyre is an important installation which is effective in ensuring the stability of the car. This therefore gives an imperative need to ensure that you get the best tyres and hence giving you the opportunity to avoid accidents which would otherwise occur due to instability of the vehicle on the roads.

Motor racing involves a variety of cars and bikes which are from different manufacturers. In this perspective, there is need to have the right tyre for your racing purposes which must coincide with the descriptions of from your car or bike manufacturer to ensure it fits and works perfectly.


This is one of the highly used tyres in motor racing. This brand of tyres is available from various appointed outlets globally and is created for a wide variety of racing cars. The tyres are created using technology transfer between P ZERO racing tyres and P Zero road tyres.

This is done effectively through ensuring that the racing tyres are able to uphold more traction on the road and as such giving ease in navigation of the car. With its origin in Italy the Pirelli Company boasts of over 100 years of tyre making and thus has developed adequate technology to ensure you get the best.


Michelin is accredited to have been the biggest contributor in tyre creation technology. Its tyres are known to offer better road holding, comfort and longer life hence offering the much required safety on the roads. The company has for many years been developing tyres for racing purposes which incorporates cars, motorcycles and jeep tyres among others.


The company is among the oldest in the field of tyre manufacture. It was founded in 1898 and boasts of a wide scope of technological development and experience in manufacture of sporting tyres. The company has for over the years been a perfect choice for many racing motors manufacturers who bank on their wide range of experience and quality production.


Germany is one of the countries where motor sports are highly embraced. It is for this reason that continental tyres have grown beyond bound to ensure they incorporate technology in manufacture of tyres for their sporting cars and motorbikes. The company has been accredited in producing high quality tyres which are deemed to exceed the safety and performance regulations.

It produces tyres for major vehicle manufacturers who include the Porsche, Audi, BMW Mercedes and Volvo among others. These are the companies which are involved in production of racing vehicles hence making continental one of their preferred choice.


Incorporated in 1930, Bridgestone has a wide experience in the manufacturing of high quality tyres. With its base in Japan and the country being among the upcoming users of modern technology in tyre manufacture. This is further enhanced by its presence in the global market through its vast R &D network which allows definition of handicaps in various parts of the globe ad creating tyres which are effective in performing in such regions. This makes it ideal in production racing tyres which are capable of working in varying terrains and road types.

Motor racing is characterized by a variety of activities all which are geared towards proving the strength of the car as well as the capability of the drivers. Among the activities involved includes navigating through various difficult terrain, navigating through sharp corners at high speed and driving at high speed.

To ensure this is effective and does not pose any danger to the parties involved, getting the right tyres is one of the key ways ensure this. It is therefore important to choose wisely and ensure that you get the right quality of tyre for motor racing. This information on the available tyres is available on company’s website and from vehicle manufacturers who will provide the recommended tyre for your racing car or motor bike. In this regard, the top 5 tyre brands for motor racing indicated above are just but a few among others in the market.

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