What Is Rainwater Harvesting

Many people have heard of rainwater harvesting, but how many of those people really understand what it is? While it may seem straightforward, there are many techniques and uses to do with rainwater harvesting that are often overlooked. This eco-friendly option usually installed by drainage contractors is well worth consideration, so read on to find out more.

What Is Rainwater Harvesting

First and foremost, rainwater harvesting is a way to collect and store rainwater in natural reservoirs for later use. The best time to harvest rainwater is when you aren’t even thinking about rain at all! At the beginning of summer, many people are no longer concerned about rain and drainage and this makes it the perfect time to focus on rainwater harvesting. Here on the west coast we enjoy plenty of rain and may even take it for granted, but it’s time to treat this rain as the precious resource that it is.

As the summer goes on and there is less consistent rain, many people turn to sprinklers and hoses to water their plants and grass. But what if you didn’t have to add onto your water bill to keep your plants looking healthy? Rather than waste runoff rainwater, it is much more sensible to keep it until your plants need it. Harvesting rainwater is an easy process which starts with either purchasing a large rainwater tank, or making your own smaller rain barrel. Then all you need to do is simply collect the water when it rains, and store it away for further use. Connecting the containers to your gutter system to also collect roof runoff is a smart way to get the maximum amount of rainwater. There are many unique and ingenious systems created for rainwater harvesting, and depending on how serious you are about it there are different options to choose from.

We recycle many things such as our cardboard and plastic, so it makes sense to recycle rainwater too! By harvesting rainwater you can save money on your water bill while saving the planet at the same time. Contact Wet Coast Drainage in Victoria BC to setup rainwater harvesting for your home.

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