Everyday Care For Your Rugs and Carpet Cleaning Advice

In order to avoid using the services of a company for carpet cleaning in Ilford more often than the recommended 12 to 18 months, you should take good care for your carpeting in the meantime. Since carpets are like the home’s filters, you can expect them to accumulate most of the dust and dirt which we and our pets get into the house. Not only does this dirt and dust pose a risk for your health and the health of your children and pets, but it actually damages the fibres of your carpets and can cause the carpet to wear off faster than it should.

Everyday Care For Your Rugs and Carpet Cleaning Advice

So, make sure you thoroughly hoover your carpets at least once a week. Make an effort to remove all furniture from the carpet and hoover every single part of it very slowly and with overlapping strokes, in order to enable your hoover to suck up most of the dirt and dust. Take care of your vacuum cleaner by regularly cleaning out the bag or cup, checking the tubes for clogging and washing the filters often enough.

If you notice a spill or stain – treat it immediately in order to avoid permanent damage and staining. Most modern carpets are made so as to resist penetration from liquid spills, so all you actually might need to do is dab up all the liquid with a clean cloth. Remember never to rub the stain because you actually rub it further into the carpet and will most likely spread the damage by rubbing it.

If just blotting the spill doesn’t work, then first off try using natural cleaners to treat the stain, such as warm water and vinegar, or sprinkling with baking soda and after that vacuuming it off.

If this doesn’t work then you can try removing the stain with a carpet cleaning detergent, but always follow the instructions and try it off on an inconspicuous spot on your carpet first, so that you ensure that you don’t permanently damage your carpet with the inappropriate cleaning solution or stain removal treatment.

Of course, you can invest into buying your home carpet cleaning system – dry or wet, in order to deep clean your carpets from time to time, but it always a better idea to hire a reputable carpet cleaning service to do the deep cleaning properly and without the risk of damaging your carpets or floors due to inappropriate washing and treatment.

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