Things To Clean Regularly In Your Home, Aside from The Regular Carpet Cleaning

If you are from the area and want to maintain a healthy and nice clean home, we have some tips and ideas to help you, apart from the obvious advice to regularly hire professional for your upholstery and carpet cleaning in Tameside. Deep cleaning of the carpets and furniture is recommended to be done at least once in 12 to 18 months.

Things To Clean Regularly In Your Home, Aside from The Regular Carpet Cleaning

Of course, you have your daily or monthly cleaning chores to do in order to ensure that your home is nice and clean at all times too.

The problem is that however thorough you are when cleaning your home, it is highly likely that you are missing some items and spots which could be accumulating lots of dirt and germs, and cause health problems for you and your family.

Here are some places, which we often forget to clean when cleaning the house:

  • Clean your landline phone, as well as the remote controls for all devices, any     joysticks, keyboards and electronic devices which can accumulate     massive amounts of dirt and harmful germs.

  • Don’t forget to disinfect and clean your light switches at home as well as door handles. These are probably the things which all people in the house constantly touch, so they too can be accumulating those horrid germs and other harmful residue.

  • Remember to hoover     not only the floors and furniture, but your bed mattresses,     bedsprings, as well as cushions, blinds and drapes. The mattresses and bed sheets need special attention because they are the preferred spot for dust mites, so change bed linen regularly and wash with hot water, also shake the linen in the meantime and hoover the mattresses.

  • If you or your     kids have soft plush toys, remember to give these toys regular baths to. To clean them from the dust they probably have accumulated you can also place them in a bag and sprinkle with baking soda and then shake the bag well outside. After you remove the baking soda with a hoover, the toys will be dust-free and clean.

  • Don’t forget to clean inside the drawers and dust any pictures or paintings you may have on your walls as well.

  • The spaces between     the kitchen appliances and walls or cupboards are also places where     immense amounts of grease, food particles and dirt is accumulated     overtime. This is not only disgusting, but can attract insects and rodents as well. This is why you should make sure you clean these areas from time to time.

  • Vents are also often missed, when doing some home cleaning, and they actually     attract a lot of dust and dirt particles, so they need to be cleaned either by hoovering, or washing with soft microfiber cloths. Filters from air conditioning units and the filters of your hoover also need to be washed periodically and dried off, in order to ensure the air you breath at home is cleaner and healthier while and after you are using them.

As the saying goes – the devil is in the details, so make sure you clean these and other hidden hot spots for germs and dirt in your home on a regular basis, in order to stay healthy. Always keep in mind that the professionals in your area who offer safe and thorough cleaning services will gladly help you maintain a cleaner and healthier home.

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