How To Hit The Golf Ball Farther To Improve Scores

Tampa in Florida is home to hundreds of golf courses where golfing enthusiasts would love to tee off with perfection. If you were ever keen on hitting your golf ball farther, this city in the Sunshine State will give you many more scopes to do so. This is because most of the golf courses in Tampa are pretty long and expansive, so it becomes all the more important to deliver your shots straight and farther. How? Here are five tips to do just that with your driver:

1. Swing Right, Not Hard

Many believe that hitting the golf ball farther requires you to be more sinewy and stronger. This is a common myth that needs to be debunked. If you want the ball to fly farther, swing freely and be in control. If you have problems in maintaining your balance, it only means that you’re swinging your driver too hard and with full energy. Take it easy and swing as comfortably as possible. It will help you to launch the ball with the perfect trajectory and spin. Take out some time to focus on your accuracy, and you’ll have good control over the distance.

2. Perfect Your Grip

Assuming that you’re a right-handed player, start by moving your left hand a little inward. Focus on the position of your left hand to ensure that your knuckles are towards the target. Avoid squeezing too much. Imagine that you’re holding a tube full of toothpaste and gently squeezing to extract some paste out of the tube.

3. Transfer Your Body Weight

Shifting your weight plays a crucial role in golf. During backswing, make sure that 60 percent of your body’s weight is on your back leg. After pivoting through the golf ball with your hands and hips, approximately 85 to 90 percent of your body’s weight must move to the front leg.

4. Have Your Lead Arm Straight

The straighter your lead arm is, the more distance the golf ball will travel. This will help you hitting the ball farther, and improve on distance. When a golfer has a straight lead arm, he is able to create a longer distance for the club head to move so that the golf ball travels farther. The longer the swing, the more you improve on the distance. When you have your lead arm straight, it will help you create a 90-degree angle with the help of your wrist. This is beneficial when you backswing.

5. Get Your Hips in Motion

Have you ever wondered how some of the professional golfers associated with PGA tours manage to send the golf ball so far? The secret is hip movement. You need to get your hips moving to hit the golf ball like a pro, especially when you downswing. The twisting momentum will help you generate a rapid club head speed.

6. Believe in Your Swing

Instead of thinking too much about your swing mechanics, learn to rely on the swing itself. To move the ball farther, focus more on your target as you’re preparing to swing the club. Believing in your swing will help you play consistently on the golf course. It doesn’t matter if you hit the ball out of bounds or in a water hazard. Start believing that your next swing will make the ball fly far and hit the greens, flying through the fairway.

Considering the expansive size of the golf courses in Tampa, it is important that you concentrate on your swing shots. A little practice beforehand will help you perfect your swing so that you can hit the ball farther. As they say, practice makes a man perfect. Golf, of course, is no exception. 

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