Enjoy The Ultimate Wilderness At The Van Vihar Bhopal

Located in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, the capital, Bhopal, Van Vihar is a national park and developed as a zoological park. Since it has gained the status of the zoological park; it is regulated under the guidelines of Central Zoo Authority of India.

The park is sprawling across the wide area of 445 hectares. Basically, the park is located on a hill, which is nearby the Upper Lake. The zoological park has a wide diversity of flora and fauna and is a host to various herbivores and carnivores and also to many beautiful birds. Every year tourists from all around the world descend in Bhopal to enjoy the ambience of this park where they come across birds, tigers, and several other species of fauna. The animals are not caged and free movement is allowed, that is, the animals are kept in their natural habitat. Van Vihar is, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful zoological parks in India. While in Bhopal, you can put up at Bhopal 5 star hotels and enjoy your stay.

The Best Time to Visit

Many tourists and explorers have marked the best time to come and enjoy in Van Vihar National Park. According to the interview, the best time to vacation here is July to September that is when there is monsoon in India. It is said that most of the animals come when it is raining heavily. In addition, it is around 4 PM when the animals show up the must and people enjoy.

Best Things to do at Van Vihar

Explore wilderness at Van Vihar and be the witness of one of the most ultimate attractions here. As mentioned here, Van Vihar offers tourists with a variety of herbivores and carnivores. Carnivorous animals are kept captive and are allowed a limited captive movement. They are fed around 4 PM, which is why it is the best time to visit the park and watch the animals out.

  • Herbivorous

The herbivores animals are the main attraction here as they are not captivated and are allowed to move freely. Tourists can hire a jeep or rickshaw to travel around and capture the beautiful moments in camera. The species, which are available here, are Sambhar, Blue Bull, Black Buck, etc.

  • Carnivorous

Carnivores are kept captive in the national park and are only taken out when they need to be fed. The variety of animals under carnivores available here are tiger, lion, hyena, bear, panther, etc.

  • Birds and Aerial World

Van Vihar has around 200 species of birds in here. The migratory birds reside here at the winter season. The Upper Lake is the best place for bird watching and is adored by many tourists. The sight is worth capturing and describes the aesthetic beauty of nature.

While witnessing the wilderness, you would require staying there for 2-3 days and hence, Bhopal has many luxury hotels in Bhopal where one can stay within comfort, enjoy the luxury, and take pleasure of touring Van Vihar by coming a step closer to nature.

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