Don’t Miss: Art Galleries In Melbourne

As you travel throughout Australia in a motorhome hire, you will most likely visit Melbourne. As the biggest city in the state of Victoria and a happening destination, it is most definitely a must-visit location.

One of the most interesting things that Melbourne boasts of is a very active art scene and it is full of amazing art galleries. Whether you want to observe some newcomers’ work or observe well-known artists that you know and love, the art galleries in Melbourne will provide you with many incredible pieces of art to admire. Following are our top favorites:

The National Gallery of Victoria

Why visit one gallery when you can see two in one? The National Gallery of Victoria boasts of two galleries and has a permanent collection that you can see for free. Not only does it proudly display art by Australian artists, but there is plenty of international art to observe as well. For a satisfying day of observing art, visit the NGV.

Gertrude Contemporary

A popular contemporary art gallery that has been around since 1985, Gertrude Contemporary brings many visitors due to its variety in exhibitions that are displayed throughout the year featuring recognized artists, as well as new ones. It even provides a studio for visiting artists. For a peek at some new and captivating art, Gertrude Contemporary is a great option.

Anna Schwartz Gallery

Anna Schwartz is herself a well-known contemporary artist and she is more than happy to present the work of some of the local artists in her bold art gallery that lends its touch to art exhibitions that are as conceptual as they are unique. For anyone hoping to get a glimpse at the Melbourne art scene, the Anna Schwartz Gallery is a great place to start.

Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

The building for the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art is an attraction all in itself. The red building is a creation that deserves to house some of the best contemporary art around. The big thing at the ACCA is that it commissions work and brings in work from local and international artists. There are often interactive and visual displays on exhibition that we are sure that you won’t want to miss.

Heide Museum of Modern Art

From modern art pieces to contemporary work, large outdoor art spaces and indoor revelations, the Heide Museum of Modern Art may be more difficult to get to than other art galleries, but it is truly one of the best galleries around and worth visiting. If you love sculptures, you’ll appreciate the Sculpture Park and captivating exhibitions that are on display at this unique suburb art gallery in Melbourne.

While Melbourne boasts of many attractions, art galleries happen to be a favorite reason why many people visit the second largest city in Australia. From contemporary art to more traditional exhibitions, visitors can admire international and local art in this highly cultural destination. Take yourself on a tour to the best art galleries around, because believe us, it is something that you don’t want to miss.

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