Energy Products Adopts Charged Battery Delivery System To Reduce Cost

The forklift batteries are now charged and supplied within the allotted time by the Energy Products to various locations. The automobile assembly plant located in the suburbs of Windsor, Ontario, Canada is making adequate use of its copyright of Charged Battery Delivery System. The company has upgraded its existing delivery service of charged forklift batteries.

Initially the forklift batteries were brought to the charging stations, where they were handled manually. The batteries being very heavy and clumsy were conventionally lifted by overhead crane by an operator. The batteries were not handled with highest care, while the gantry pulled up the uncharged batteries they hung dangerously from the chains. However, with the advent of the Charged Battery Delivery system the batteries are secured from such harm.

forklift batteriesThe system provides a particular way and procedure to take utmost care of these batteries, which are brought to the charging stations. The safest way is to lift the batteries by making use of another forklift battery and then place it in the trailer. A charged battery from the trailer is then placed in the forklift. In this way, it is interchanged. As the stock of charged batteries is supplied to the Windsor Assembly Plant the useless ones are taken to the off site location of Energy Products for maintenance and recharging. Another facility of this Charged Battery Delivery system is that it saves much time compared to the previous system. The entire process of interchange takes around 90 seconds. Besides the handling of the system, takes place mechanically. In addition to this, the factory is able to save a lot of space by avoiding the battery room altogether as they are now charged at a customized trailer.

The chief executive officer of the Energy Products, Kurt H. Smith, is glad about the way the resent system is incurring profit for the company. Inadditionto that, the company has ample space in the factory to extend itself. Since the operation is done mainly done technically therefore cost of labor also decreased. Besides, by removing the battery room from the factory also solved the environmental issues. The workers are provided with better, healthier and cleaner working space.

The forklift batteries has a wide range of use, it is use in different types of vehicles. Its chief charging facility is provided by the Energy Products. The assembly plant Energy Products primarily sells and maintains charging systems for forklift batteries, material-handling equipment and batteries for industrial use. It is also a reputed manufacturer of Toyota and AGV. The company has plans to amalgam the experience and recent advanced developments to bring forth a presentation on hybrid power. The maiden presentation is expected to be held in the Frankfurt motor show, starting from September 10. Apart from dealing with forklifts is an also a wholesale distributor of different kinds of batteries like, sealed acid leads Deka Batteries. It produces chargers for consumer electronic devices and deep cycle. The Energy Products also symbolizes the manufacturers like the Taylor Dunn, Ametek, East Penn manufacturer, Club Car and many more.

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