J.J Kane Arranges Public Auction For Used Vans And Other Vehicles

On September 12th, this year a large auction will held in Villa Rica, GA, in which more than 600 pieces of heavy construction vans, vehicles and equipment are out to be sold. According to reliable source, J.J. Kane declared recently that in the auction they have arranged there would be more than 100 types of vehicles including Ford Ranger, Escape, Taurus, and F Series Trucks.

Moreover, the list also includes some popular name like Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge and many more. It is also informed that several utility services organizations and area companies are selling their products or items in the auction. Asplundh Tree Expert Co., National Utility Equipment Company, Southern Companies, Area Electric Cooperatives, Late Model Rental Returns, Utility Contractors and many other companies are offering their products or equipments in the auction.

J.J KaneSources informed that the live auction would be opened to the public. The bidding of the auction will start at 8:30 in the morning of that day. The willing candidates are requested to enroll their bid online. It is informed that bidders can inspect the equipment of the auction from 8am to 4pm on September 11 and also on from 7 am onwards on September 12.

Several items are included on the auction daily. The authority requests and encourages the companies or persons searching for used trucks, cars, SUVs and vans, to register so that the respective authority can provide the updated information related to newly added equipment and vehicles to the interested companies and persons.

Authenticity of the auction is worth to mention. Regardless of the price, each and everything is sold to the person offering highest bid. There is no system of reserve in the auction. Another interesting fact is that owners are not allowed to put a bid on the items they have once transferred in the auction for sale. The bidders, participating in the auction are the only determiner of the price of the selling objects. In addition, as being informed by the sources, this is perhaps the only auction that allows direct access to the vehicles required by people.

JJ Kane is the popular name in the market especially for their exclusive used bucket truck and several other utility equipment auctions. Used light duty trucks, cars, trailers, 1-ton trucks, vans and many more vehicles feature their auctions. However, the most interesting feature of the auction that make the auction quite popular is that the bidder need not require to present in order to participate in the auction. Everything can be done online that saves the cost of travel as well as valuable time. Organizer will provide their assistance to help the sellers as well as the bidders in every step of the process of the auction.

Joe Kane, founder of JJ Kane Auctioneers states that at their company they are eager to take proper care of the sellers and buyers. They provide the twofold services that are quite important to the sellers as well as buyers. He explained that the buyers are allowed to verify the products they are willing to buy and can purchase them online while on the other hand the sellers get advantage from the cost effective and convenient way to sell the product for competitive market price.

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