Do You Actually Need A Home Security System In 2022?

We like to think society is becoming more civilized as time goes on. If so, then crime should decrease, right? But the sad truth is that criminal activity still affects homes just about everywhere around the country and crime rates are on the rise. In addition, home security systems have become more affordable and accessible to homeowners making it easier than ever to get a home security system installed in your home. Features like night vision cameras that used to only be afforded by the wealthiest of individuals is now made with cheaper materials and can be afforded by most individuals. With both monthly payment options through a security company or through a self-serve security system, it’s likely that you can add some kind of security system to your home. But do you actually need it? 

Types of Security Systems

When people consider a home security system, they may be considering getting a rotating camera for every corner of their home with a beeping red light like the ones you see at a bank. However, there are many types of security devices and systems that are used for different scenarios.

Motion Detection

Some security systems are simple motion detection modules that send an alert to your cell phone or you can get the kind that sounds an audible alarm. These can be great if you live alone or if you only arm it at night. Additionally, you can install a motion detection camera that only takes video when motion is detected. A challenge with this type of security system is that anything that moves will make it go off. If you have cats or even a dog, this can cause the alarm to be triggered frequently when it isn’t needed.

Sound Detection

Sound detection systems are similar to motion detection modules except instead of motion, it goes off when a certain decibel is hit. For example, if someone breaks a window. Though these types of systems are more often used by short-term rentals to make sure guests aren’t throwing parties at the residence, it can still be an effective security system. This is especially true if you have family members that are deaf or hard of hearing. The alerts can go to your cellphone and/or to a lighting alarm that will flash to alert the residents of loud noises they wouldn’t hear otherwise.

Door or Window Opening Alarms

The two most common break-in points are the doors and windows. With an armed security system, an alarm will sound if an intruder enters through either of those entry points. If it is your own home, you have a certain amount of time to insert your set code to disarm the alarm. These types of alarms are typically managed by a company that also gets the alerts and will contact the authorities on your behalf. This is probably among the most effective systems since it is being maintained 24/7. However, it is also among the most expensive.

Video Surveillance

This is among the most commonly used and marketed security systems. Cameras set in certain areas of your home, both inside and outside can help see what is going on in different parts of your home. Alone, the system is more of an observation system but paired with motion detection, sound detection, or door and window alarms, it can be a great way to prevent crimes from happening.

Signs You Need a System

Now that you have a better idea of the types of systems, you can use to secure your home, here are a few signs that you may need a system.

Local Break-Ins

Breaking and entering is a common crime in many neighborhoods. Thieves try to enter your home when they think you’re away or when you’re sleeping. Around-the-clock security is critical to monitor your home’s entry points and alert you if an intruder tries to get in through a window or door. Some robbers will take whatever they can find in your house if you don’t have an effective security system.

Property Damage

Mischievous kids can cause minor damage to your property, but it is still a nuisance to clean up and replace broken windows or a lawn damaged by scattered debris. Vandals will knock down a mailbox on a post or drive their three-wheelers through someone’s yard. Spray-painting your house or breaking into your garage are more expensive problems to deal with. Outdoor security lights and alarms with warning signs can help to keep troublemakers away.

Domestic Disputes

When a relationship is crumbling, one partner may attack the other’s home by trying to sneak in and take furnishings or belongings of the other partner. Sometimes an ousted partner will hang around the property to spy on the other one. Fights can break out which leads to injuries and damage. Security cameras record illegal activities that may occur between partners, spouses, or even schoolkids or gangs trying to bully a child or teen in the home. Strategically placed video surveillance helps to keep miscreants from causing problems and can record their actions on or near the premises.

Wildlife Incursions

Outdoor motion detectors and cameras help to scare away wildlife like coyotes, skunks, or deer. Animals that seem harmless can often damage trees and gardens or hurt outdoor family pets.

Reduced Law Enforcement

With some communities reducing their active law enforcement personnel, a home security system plays an important role in residential safety. Find out about the different types of equipment that can be used to secure your home by contacting a professional security company with questions.

Everyone in your home will feel safer knowing a security system is in place to protect them. Give your loved one’s peace of mind by installing a home security system.

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