Common Struggles Of Caregivers

Often caregivers realize their true calling and gift is in taking care of others and choose it as a vocation. They may have found quite by accident when they had the experience while caring of a loved one who was ill. After the formal training is completed caregivers deal with youths with learning or physical disabilities. They may find themselves working with the elderly who are highly cognitively and physically functioning individuals. However along with the success and rewards that the caregiver experiences they can also occasionally face some struggles. The purpose of this blog from Craigdarroch Care Home is for caregivers who are struggling to be aware they are not alone in the struggles they are feeling.

Common Struggles Of Caregivers

As a caregiver you may be mentally and physically strong enough but patience, a strong work ethic and selflessness are also required. When you are initially introduced to a prospective client you will likely be meeting with family members as well. It should come as no surprise that good interaction with the family is as important as with the client. When all parties feel it’s a good fit you must then build a rapport with each person. As the caregiver you accomplish this by being reliable and showing your dedication to your client.  This can prove challenging with the differing opinions and the family dynamics as you may have a different approach to caring for the client.

Caregiver burnout can happen all too easily especially when working long hours. A tendency to give too much of yourself to the client may cause you to neglect your own self care. Depression could result and feelings of isolation are not uncommon. Finding full time work might be difficult and often the times you’re required to work coincide with regular business hours. Scheduling appointments or meeting with teachers if you have children means you will need to be good at time management.

Dealing with the death of a client is something you will be faced with especially if you have not experienced previously. With a long time client it’s inevitable and can be an emotional time for the caregiver. Although it’s one of the harder aspects you’ll experience you as the caregiver are not allowed to grieve. This must be accepted as part of the role as a caregiver.

Fortunately there are resources to help you deal with the common struggles by reaching out to other caregivers for support. Most importantly keep some balance in your personal life through practices like yoga or any activities you enjoy.

If you struggling with caregiver burnout, always look at placing a loved one into a care home in Victoria BC.

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