Why Is Football Ligue 1 So Entertaining To People?

Sport fanatics all over the world are raving over the excitement of Football Ligue 1. This professional football league that originated in France is also very popular all over Europe, and is quickly growing in popularity around the rest of the world. The sport itself has been around since the 1930’s, but has since gone from an amateur sport to a professional sport.

The Basics of Ligue 1 Football : Rules & Essestials

Ligue 1 is made up of 38 games per team, per season, and there are 20 teams that compete in Ligue 1. The season goes from August until May, and sees a total of 380 games throughout that time as each team plays one another twice; once away and once at home. The only exception to this is when the league schedules pivots, which happen four times each season. This puts each time on a schedule that has either two home, or two away games, next to each other, in order to keep the schedules for each team even. The top two teams make it to the championship while the third place team plays in the playoffs. Every place below third also qualifies for their version of the playoffs in various areas throughout Europe. These games bring the entire continent together, and allows for football fans in all areas to enjoy.

Why Ligue 1 is Becoming So Popular

When it comes to football, it is a big sport all around the world. It may not be the most popular sport in UK as of today, but that does not mean that it will not have that title soon. The sport of football is quickly growing in popularity within the United Kingdom, and has numerous fans in all states. The fact that it is an equal competition where when teams win, they are promoted and when teams lose, they fall down the rankings right from the start of the season, brings out a lot of joy to those who like to see games that are based on skill.

The Boost in Worldwide Enjoyment for Football

Football, also known as soccer, is rapidly taking a foothold around the country. Considering it is one of the last places around the world that does not have this sport at the top of the popularity list, this shows how much of a reach football really has. In recent years, soccer has started rivaling other sports in terms of attendance, and it is currently tied, or barely ahead of, attendance for NBA basketball games and MLH hockey games. The demographics point to the spike in 18-20 year old Hispanic males accounting for the largest viewing audience, but that is not stopping any other demographic from watching it in any and all capacities.

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Take some time and get to know what Ligue 1 football is all about. It may overtake more common sports like baseball and American football in the near future, so it is best to pick your favourite team early! Are you a fan of Ligue 1 football? If so, tell us about your favourite team and the fun you had watching their games! We would love to hear from you.

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